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May 29,  2013 - Portland, OR -  Artist Tim Bavington turned sound waves from the song “Louie Louie” by The Kingsmen into a colorful sculpture that dominates the wall of the main entrance into the the newly renovated Edith Green-Wendell Wyatt federal building in downtown Portland. The Kingsmen were a Portland band. Although they did not write the song, their recording of it remains a rock classic. Photo by Beth Nakamura/The Oregonian

fearlessjones  asked:

Prompt: Harry asks Eggsy to marry him, but they don't have much time between missions. Where do they get married? What do they wear? Who attends? Do the Kingsman agents pitch in and help? :D

Getting married is supposed to be fun.

Getting married is supposed to be stressful, yet doable. One is supposed to be able to plan everything in such detail that even the napkins are color coordinated.

This is not the case, however, when you are a kingsman agent. Kingmen, in general, do not get married. They either die before they get the chance to, or decide that their lifestyle is too complicated to add a wife or a husband into the equation. Having attachments is never a smart move, and so most just simply go for one night stands, or take care of their urges by requesting honeypot missions. However, the few that did managed to settle down did not have that perfect wedding. It was just the nature of the job.

And so, when Eggsy announces his and Harry’s wedding after a meeting one day, a collective sense of dread fills the room. Eggsy can practically hear the ‘good luck figuring that out.’

He looks at them with a frown and crosses his arms. “Hey, a little support ain’t gonna kill yeh.”

Percival shakes his head. “It has nothing to do with support, my dear man. It’s just that I don’t see how you’re planning to make it happen.”

Eggsy beames at him. “It’s okay. I’ve been thinkin’ ‘bout it and I ‘ave a plan.”


The plan - as it usually happens around kingsman - goes to shit.

It actually looked like it was going to hold at the beginning.

They didn’t need to take measurements for their tuxedos, and Henry, god bless him, works faster than ever before to deliver the suits on time. The choosing of a location comes fairly easily, as Merlin stays up late for three nights in a row finding a place that can hold all of them plus an obscene amount of weapons and other defense mechanisms that he personally installs.

The plans for the reception are finished within weeks, what with Percival firing the wedding planner and taking over the preparations. He goes ballistic when arranging for fireworks, ordering enough to provide for an entire city on a fourth of July - Merlin is less than impressed.

Roxy - being the more sensible one - thinks of everything no one else even bothered to consider. She forces Eggsy to take waltz classes and forces Merlin to assign many missions to other handlers so that he can help Roxy fix Harry’s and Eggsy’s schedule.

“Love, I cannot let them go for an entire week,” Merlin pleads when the young woman reveals her plan, knowing already that Roxy is going to win.

“Merlin, they need a honeymoon, and they will have one.” She snaps with a sweet smile on her face. “I’m sure Percival will be thrilled about getting more missions, and I don’t mind taking Eggsy’s load for a week.”

Merlin grumbles for another hour before finally caving in.

And just when everything looks like a fairy tale about to happen, a fucking prick decides to spoil the party by killing every single head of every single secret service - naturally, every single kingsman is called in to protect their king and to find the bloody lunatic.

It takes them a damn month to finally kill him - courtesy of an absolutely enraged Merlin - and by then the wedding date has passed them by.

Eggsy - who had been worried sick about Harry’s safety - repays Merlin with a pint for the especially brutal way his friend ended the bastard’s life.

“It’s alright, lad. We’ll figure something out,” Merlin reassures him.

And they do figure it out - almost a year later. For a while, during that year, Eggsy really had believed that everybody was hell bent on him not marrying Harry. Harry had tried comforting his fiancé as best he could, but there was only so much he could do to help Eggsy after the third time their wedding was thwarted.

In the end, their wedding does not end up being as grand as originally planned - It’s just impossible with their schedule - but it’s no less lovely.

They marry at Merlin’s mansion in Scotland - which is an incredibly safe, incredibly large space which they all know and love - and Percival forces every agent to help decorate the place. Michelle bakes the cake and daisy brings the rings.

It’s a family affair, really. It’s small and private, and it’s everything Eggsy and Harry ever wanted.

And the honeymoon that follows - yes, Roxy doesn’t let Merlin off the hook on that one - is as perfect as promised. There is time for lots of romance and dressing up, as well as quiet moments filled with moans, grunts, expletives, and heated bodies trying their damn hardest to fuse into one.