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Name: Selah

Time & Date: 5/8/15 9:15 pm EST

Average hours of sleep: 1 or 2 on a good day

Last thing I googled : Builda Beast tickets (it’s a dance workshop

Nickname: Pimp zaddy two braids, meme sensei, lil homie, Trap lord Cleo , yung wavy, lil bear, baby beats. (Most of these are from dance so they gucci)

Birthday: November 22

Gender: Female

Sexual orientation: Straight
Height : 5'4 ½

Favorite color: black, white , gold
One place that makes me happy: dance studio
How many blankets do I sleep under: 2 big ones. One made by my grandpa (Rip)
Favorite movie: Dear white people & Poetic Justice

Last book I read: Lost count
Most used phrase: “fam i have no chill fuck you mean nigga?”

First word that comes to mind: Bruh
What I last said to a family member : “maman, savez-vous où mon cahier de poésie est ?”-English : mom do you know where my poetry book is?

What is family: People who you can trust & support you when you’re right or wrong but getting you right when you’re wrong

Favorite beverage: Peace tea , Arizona ,mango juice
Last movie I watched in a theater: nothing
Dream wedding: Hmmm. On an island. Few people. Marrying the person of my dreams or Luka Sabbat.


Dream job: Professional choreographer in LA
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