kingman high school


The top picture is of my beautiful cousin Kailey in her prom dress, getting ready to head out to her Senior Prom. 

Kailey was born with a lack of oxygen reaching her brain to a 17-year old single mother. Kailey’s life has never served her easy. Obviously kids were hesitant of her, ostracized her, and even attacked her for who she was. But despite that, Kailey has always remained the happiest person I know. She loves to give everyone she meets big hugs, always complimenting them with a smile. Her favorite thing to say is, “Honey, you just look beautiful today.” Life has given her every chance to give up and become an introvert and shy away from the world. But Kailey is far too strong for that. No, instead she embraced this cold, cruel world willingly, something I am ashamed to say I have failed at. 

The second picture is of Kailey at prom after she has been crowned Kingman High School’s Prom Queen 2012. Bravely, Kailey got up out of her chair to dance in front of all of her peers.

You know, sometimes it’s really easy to lose faith in this world, to become a defeatist with a chip on your shoulder, continually doubting the world will ever show compassion. Yea, kids are dicks. But kids grow up, and some of them will even go on to vote someone like Kailey to be Prom Queen. 

So today, Kailey and Kingman’s Senior Class of 2012 are my heroes.