We're sorry, Menma.

“I wasn’t thinking about anyone but myself. I only wanted her to go to Heaven because I couldn’t stand to see Jintan continue to think about her. I didn’t care about her wish. I just wanted her to pass on for my sake. God saw it right through me. That’s why.. that’s why..” –Anaru

“I was the same. I love Menma. So much time has passed, but nothing has changed. It shocks me how much I’m still in love with her. So thinking about how things were, that only Yadomi could see Menma… I couldn’t stand it. I wasn’t just going to just hand her over to Yadomi, so I told myself that I’d grant her wish, that I’d send her to Heaven!” –Yukiatsu

“I realised then that I’d never win against her. Time passed, and I finally grew close to Yukiatsu. And I was satisfied just with that. But even now, the only one who can fill Yukiatsu’s side is… I though that if Menma went to heaven, and you and Jintan got together, then I’d be next in line.” –Anaru

I have to grant her wish. I have to send her to heaven. If I don’t she’ll never forgive me. I saw it. I saw where Menma went that day. I’m scared. I’m scared to stay here, but I just can’t seem to get away. And now I’m living in our old base! I dropped out of school to travel the world, thinking that things would change! But I somehow drifted back to that damn place! –Poppo

“I wasn’t the only one who had selfish feelings about Menma passing on, who couldn’t seriously think about Menma’s wish. Menma, I’m sorry. I’m sorry.” –Jintan