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“Sorry about that. I’ll take that ball off your hands.” The boy flashes a sheepish smile. 

Nico stares at him in disbelief. 

Eyes as blue as the sky above, smile so warm and sweet that it could bake an apple pie. The baseball tee says Grace, and he looks like he doesn’t have a care in the world. 

Yet, somehow–this kid has a stronger scent than any other demigod that Nico has ever met, and there isn’t a monster nearby for miles. 

AU where Jason grew up with his mom not knowing he was a demigod and Nico’ wonders why the fuck that is 

So it stormed last night and the power was knocked out for 24 freaking hours and i had nothing but a sketchbook ;u;

In preparation for my new stickers I’ve got in the works, I’ve collected my 4 main Strange Magic (OTP) prints together into a set!! Now available in my Etsy!

I’m stupid excited about these!!! Mostly because now I can put my favorite fairy/goblin pair WHERE EVER I WANT TO!!! *insert evil laugh here*

“You’re walking meadows in my mind,
making waves across my time~”

Adorable dorks, my newest OTP~ I LOVE THEM SO MUCH ;U;  If you haven’t seen Strange Magic yet, GO SEE IT! I swear to goodness, you won’t regret it! 

( It wasn’t until I finished this that I realize how tiny she looks in comparison to him…but I think I’m okay with it. LOL xD It wasn’t on purpose, but I’m willing to call it an acceptable accident. lol ) 

Jason reaches over and opens his arms, and Roman Nico practically goes running toward him. Reeling back, Jason feels the heels of Roman Nico’s feet roll off the ground, but neither care now that they’re linked together like this.

“Thank you,” Roman Nico whispers softly.

With a firm smile, Jason carefully puts an arm’s length of distance between them. He presses a hand to his own lips and gestures with it. “You’re welcome.”

Siamo Nei Guai, Chapter 2 ;; Roman!Nico and Canon!Jason hugging

sometimes when i go a long time without being able to write i go through a mild drawing phase 

EDIT: I didn’t realize Jason’s hair and shirt were the same color, so I changed his hair to look more yellow |D;; 

Dick takes his undercover very seriously. pfff 

Wait a minute.

‘Are we in a gay club?!’ Wally shouted loudly through the telepathic link. Next to him, his three (male) team members winced from the unexpected (loud) intrusion. In the back of his head, he could hear Artemis mind-cackling—cutting off and coming back as she probably did so aloud. Kid Flash twitched, letting the situation set in. “Oh my god—mmmMMPHH!”

“Quiet, Kid Stupid.” Robin slapped a hand over the redhead’s mouth, gaze firm on the group of guys in the middle of the room. He’d changed out his sunglasses in favor of a pair of neon pink shutter shades. His usual black hair had been “bleached” blonde for the occasion, adorned with Hello Kitty clips, and usual civvies was replaced with a form-fitting black muscle shirt and neon blue pants. On his arm in black sharpie were three words: 'Love Me Tender.’

Chapter 4 of Coping Mechanisms