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In Which Leo and Percy are brimming (though not really) adults and venture onto a heartwarming relationship.

Leo settles on the bed next to Percy, who makes room, then lays down and takes Leo with him, so the son of Hephaestus is straddling his waist. A smile plays across Percy’s face, eloquent and sweet. He takes Leo’s hand, kisses the ashy knuckles (Leo’s trying this new moisturizer, he swears) and glides it behind him until Leo’s hand rests on the small of Percy’s back.

Leo drums his fingers experimentally and Percy’s eyes darken, a heavy breath exhaling from his lips.

“That’s my Achilles heel,” Percy murmurs, and it’s in a husky voice that makes Leo’s body stir all over again. From the pillow, Percy’s sea green eyes look to him lovingly. “Or at least it used to be. Back when I dipped in the River of Styx for the war between the Gods and the Titans. It’s not there anymore, but sometimes I feel like it is. And now, you and Annabeth are the only ones that know about it.”

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jason was trying to be all seductive then his gladius got snagged on his lacy panties 

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jason is a dork 

“nico…c-could you help me? They’re riding up…" 

“You were brave." 

An AU in which Annabeth and Reyna swapped Camps instead of Jason and Percy. C: Miss Cedar asked for more, so–

Leo felt his heart do a little dance. He was tempted to look over his shoulder to see if she was talking to some other halfblood had followed them since camp and got caught up with Ma Gasket. "You sure you’re talking to the right guy?" 

Reyna arched an eyebrow. She looked beautiful, serious, and regal with her head held high as a princess, black hair tumbling down her shoulder. It only made sense her name meant ‘queen.’ Leo’s heart did the tango, watching as Reyna pulled his jacket closer to her chest. "I’m serious, Leo. You were amazing back there. I couldn’t ask for anyone better on my team.”  

“Oh,” he managed, blushing. 

Basically older Percy, Leo, Jason living in an apartment together in Manhattan where Leo is the only one with a job to support those idiots.

Every morning usually starts off with Leo wanting to get a bagel for breakfast and Percy and Jason whining for him to go back to bed which usually happens with a nice grope fest that Percy falls asleep in because—who the fuck wakes up at the ungodly hour of 9am?

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An AU where Reyna and Annabeth are the camp leaders switched instead of Percy and Jason :D 

“She still isn’t back yet." 

Man. Leo could hear the concern in Reyna’s voice, immediately feeling bad. Well–sort of. His head was still spinning with the fact Piper left them together while she searched the forest. What part of I have no idea how to talk to girls did she not understand? 


"Oh–uh. Yeah?” Under the moonlight, Leo could almost make out Reyna’s face as she squintd off into the horizon. 

She cursed. “It’s too dark. You don’t think she’d–" 

"No way. Beauty Queen is tough. You should see her in the cafeteria when the lunch ladies are serving chicken quesadillas.” Leo snickered to himself and–oh, duh. "Wait, I have an idea.“ Just slightly, he could make out Reyna turning her head. Hoping his face wasn’t as red as it felt, Leo focused all the energy to the palm of his hand. 

It flickered, until his fingers were engulfed with flames and light emitted between them. Reyna gasped, then grinned. ”You’re amazing.“ 

"Just call me the Human Leolight.” He smirked. Looking up, he–paused. The light caught Reyna’s face, highlighting her cheeks and causing her glossy hair to shimmer. Black ends were in weird twits and knots from their fight with Ma Gasket, and she had blood caked on her forehead, but somehow, Reyna still managed to look as beautiful and regal as ever. 

Reyna arched a royal eyebrow. “Something wrong?" 

Um. "No. You’re–uh. You’re just really pretty." 

please forgive my bad writing

An AU where Stephanie Brown is Jack Frost. |D;;

I draw weird things when I’m in class. Shdjajdiakajdhah;;;

Basically, Stephanie is Stephanie Frost, and instead of having a sister, she had a daughter. The whole thing played out like the Scarlet Letter where she didn’t give the name of the father, so she was kinda shunned. Steph and her daughter then lived outside of town next to the pond and she dies saving her daughter. The Man in the Moon (Bruce) took pity on her and brought her back to life. Dhasjsiabdjaka;;

There wasn’t much she knew about herself. Her name was Reyna. She guessed she was around fifteen; maybe sixteen. Her mother–she was sure of it–was Bellona, the Goddess of War. The ring on her right hand meant everything to her, but she wasn’t sure why. It was engraved with a torch and a sword, just like the symbol on her arms. That same symbol was adorned by four letters: SPQR with four barcodes beneath it. In times of peril, like with the venti, her ring could turn into a 7-foot spear, made of a different metal than the ones used at Camp Halfblood. Imperial Gold. 

An AU where Reyna and Annabeth are the camp leaders switched instead of Percy and Jason. :D 

Her name was Annabeth Chase, the daughter of Athena. After days of running away from monsters, the letters on the front of her shirt had faded away or ripped off for wound wrappings and bandages. Not that Annabeth could read them anyway–she figured she was dyslexic. She’d woken up with a Yankee’s cap on her head, but Lupa assured her she hadn’t been in a baseball game in a while. Apparently it was magical. She couldn’t get the stupid thing to work. 

Her only real weapon was a knife made out of celestial bronze. Twice, Annabeth had lost it and her first instinct was to panic, so after a while she made sure to keep it close. There was only one other name she remembered from her past: a boy named Percy Jackson. 

I drew a fullbody image of the both of them, and I intended for Annabeth to be a little bit taller than Reyna but it just. Well it sucked. And I forgot to draw Annabeth’s beads. sorryyy );