kinght of camelot

Love in The Time of Dragons: (A Merlin x Reader AU Imagine)

Imagine being Merlin’s old sweetheart and fiancé, back when he was still in Ealdor, and that you couldn’t marry him for you were going to travel across Cenred’s borders with your family because one of your siblings suddenly got really sick and your father has heard of a physician from overseas.You were devastated by the news and it broke your heart when you had to tell Merlin about it.

Of course, he was devastated, both of you were planning to get married. But he understands and was sadden to let you go.

One day, you wrote a letter to him that you will arrive in the lower town of Camelot, studying to be a herbalist.

(This takes place in season 4 and is an AU episode of Love In The Time of Dragons. Basically, there’s no Alice or Freya, and their episodes didn’t exist. Even though I love them both. But I feel like Merlin needed a backstory with a childhood sweetheart or something, other than his strong friendship with Will. ~God bless his soul~) Plus, it isn’t fair that Merlin had to spend the rest of the series without a girlfriend or wife.

- Also, I don’t own any Merlin or any BBC related things. Including the actors and actresses. The gifs. EVERYTHING

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