💙 Kingfisher vertical dip by Roberto Melotti on 500px
○  NIKON D810-f/8-1/800s-300mm-iso720, 667✱1000px-rating:97.3
☀  " Kingfisher vertical dip sequence. Italy. website " 
     Photographer: Roberto Melotti, Bologna, Italia

A kingfisher eats a fish, caught in a small lake in Mala Subotica, Croatia. The brightly coloured bird was photographed by Petar Sabol who visited the lake in northern Croatia numerous times over the course of two weeks, patiently waiting for the opportunity to capture the perfect shot of the birds and their prey.
Picture: Petar Sabol/HotSpot Media


(via Madagascar Pygmy Kingfisher | Flickr - Photo Sharing!)