asriel-hell  asked:

can we please take a minute to appreciate the mario music that's much more creepy and/or hopeless sounding? like, for creepy i guess i'd say something like deep dark galaxy's music, and for hopelessness, i'd say... i dunno, kingfin or megaleg? i've recently been on a mario galaxy kick if you couldnt tell, and i forgot how much i loved the darker sides of its' ost

ooh yes! Here’s a top five of my favs:

River Twygz Bed - Super Paper Mario I think this is the crowned king of creepy Mario music… And for good reason. The reversed gibberish and lack of melody make it super unnerving.

Jokes end- Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga super discordant and creepy, also the fact it loops so frequently makes it get on your nerves quite quickly 

Spooky Scraps! Don’t Get Spooked! - Yoshi’s Woolly World A completely underrated gem. Not scary but so powerful and whimsical, it sounds like its ripped straight from a Tim Burton movie

Ghost House - Super Mario 3D World  My fav ghost house theme. Its so sad and slow, it almost makes me feel sad for the boos? I feel like this is the spiritual successor to ‘Waltz of the boos’ from galaxy, but i like this one just a little more

Ghost House - Super Mario World  This is THE ghost house theme. Its so great and iconic, i couldn’t go without mentioning it!