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KH's typing quirk: inserting Darkness every fifth or so Darkness word.

Okay I haven’t watch a lot of Kingdom Hearts parody joke stuff on YouTube but I think Kingdumb Hearts sums up the “these people say darkness way to much” thing pretty well. Mainly in the CoM, II and 358 ones. Haven’t watch the Bbs one because by the time that one came out I had grown out of them.

To those of you who weren't in the fandom during 2007-2010

Go look some stuff up its pretty wild XD.

If you want some examples
Demyx time
1 in 13 comic
Ladychimera (Especially Served)
Sanely-insane (Logic man and Reference boy)
Kingdumb hearts
Kingdom hearts random crap (also the other videos made by that youtuber)

Otherwise just dig through the ancient archives of Deviantart.

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Xemnas's fighting attribute in described as nothingnes but... how does that work actually? I mean we know how he is fighting but I don't get how he is using 'nothingnes'. To cast fire is easy to imagine because Axel is just doing this but how can you cast 'nothing'. The only thing I could imagine would be to be able to fill other people with 'nothingness', making them feel void and hollow like a nobody but can he do that? (they say he can turn others into dusk but we never see him doing it)

This ask reminds me of that one Kingdumb Hearts Joke

“I’m Larxene and I have the power over lighting” *holds out hand lightning shoots over*
“I am Vexen, I have the power over ice” *holds out hand everything freezes*
“I am Xemnas I have the power over nothing hah” *Holds out hand nothing happens*

But all joking aside, 

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