While we have no idea who’s behind the project known as Kingdomz, their arsenal of bedroom-pop jams are incredulously insane;we just don’t want to believe it’s that good actually. But alas, for some incomprehensible reason they are. The newest track that popped up is “Melt the World”, a rather dreamy ‘bedroom-boogie’ gem consisting of weightless synths that carry the song afloat while a catchy vocal melody blends itself into the mix at a repetitive structure.

Another recent gem from this bedroom-pop wiz is “Suuz”, a fuzzy pop number with unbelievably catchy vocal hooks running throughout its way-too-short duration. Take note, this might just be bedroom-pop at its best. Grab both amazing gems below and scour Kingdomz’ Soundcloud for more buried treasure.

MP3: Kingdomz - Melt the World

MP3: Kingdomz - Suuz



Our friend Chris who creates music under the moniker Kingdomz just released his first EP Feels Right which includes a couple of tracks we’ve posted here a while back. The project for him is indeed quite experimental and the freedom of creative direction is what he operates most on. The tracks on this EP can be interpreted then as a reflection of that process of creative freedom, an outlet of ‘bedroom’ experimentation.

Tagging most of his tracks as 'bedroom wave’ or the more upfront 'chillwave’, the 7 tracks on the EP are highly electronic-based and are mostly of the 'chilled’ side of things, but at the same time, genre-bending with certain tracks. What stands out most is his distinct vocal talent that leads the abyss of electronic elements into something more tangible and graspable. The EP is a great collection of his bedroom experiments, making for a wonderful listen if you’re into the realm of new discoveries and eclectic songwriting. Grab two of the brilliant newer tracks off the new EP down below and grab the entire thing directly on the Kingdomz Tumblr.

MP3: Kingdomz - Easy Love

MP3: Kingdomz - Nevermind


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