I’m so stoked to have this #KingdomWorker card this year. I received a card last year that read “Share your summer camp experience with five people.” I felt that God wanted me to do more and I ended up sharing my experience that weekend with nearly 1,200 high school aged students. It was a wonderful experience but I believe this new card will challenge me in different ways. The last card was completed so quickly and I rarely thought of it after I completed it. This new card will challenge me each week and maintain my focus on reflecting the love of Christ. So excited for this new season of my life.

Dear friends, at HSM camp this summer I received a kingdom worker card asking me to give up social media for a month and use the time I would spend on that to serve my family. So as a servant of Gods kingdom, this is farewell. See you on October 1st Facebook, Instagram, & Tumblr. #kingdomworker (at #KINGDOMWORKER)

so blessed to have been able to connect with so many people over the last week. this week was a life changer for me and its great to see how God works in everyone’s life. by far the best week of my life. 💖❤️🙏🏻

My kingdom worker card for this year. So excited/nervous to take this on. The challenge is a good one though. For me reading the bible is something that gets pushed.of way to easily. So excited for God to use this as a changing point in my life and for me to learn more about my wonderful heavenly father. I am so excited for this challenge because I know it will change my heart, it will let me gain more wisdom and more understanding. This is exactly what I needed. Thank you Papa.