kingdoms of amalur

So, Fae are immortal beings created of pure magic, yes? 

Well, the Fateless One had their body restored from pure arcane energy, and numerous NPCs told them that they have something “Strangely Fae” about them - along with the fact that they cn survive in Esharra.

How about this, then?
The Fateless One doesn’t age, because of their artificial body, and,should they ever die, one of their numerous Fae friends and take their soul to Esharra, and help them reawaken, as a Fae.
Thus, after centuries of living in Ysa, or wherever they choose to live, the Fateless One repurposes one of their many steadings (Seawatch Keep, likely), into a new, very different Fae Court - The Court of Spring, free from Winter’s cold decay, and not yet into Summer’s opressive heat, the Fateless one, High King of Spring, thrives to revolutionize Fae culture and tradition, even if it’s just with a small splinter faction of Fae.

They encourage contact with mortals as they know both sides of the coin. preach respect for all life, and the compassion that goes with it. They urge their followers to teach mortals, and learn from them simultaneously, because living is learning, and no one, not even the eternal Fae, are perfect.
Their doors are open to anyone who needs aid - travelers seeking sanctuary, innocents being threatened, and the Spring Fae do their best to help everyone who seeks them out. Even if it’s just a child bringing in their sick pet - no life, no hardship is too small to be worthy of the Spring Fae’s attention.

Eventually, the Fateless One opens their Court to former Tuatha, to vilains from the House of Ballads who were sick of suffering for their part in a tale, to anyone cast aside by the other Courts, insisting that forgiveness is a thing necessary for society to progress, knowing that they were given a second chance, eager to give others one as well.