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Hello to all of my, as of now a little over, 1000 followers! It’s a joy to be apart of such an amazing fandom (I guess you could say I’m proud to be a small part of something bigger ;) so here is my first follow forever to celebrate. Just note that as this is a sideblog, you’ll see me following you as ‘thesoulsdepths’.

 So, without further ado:

 ❤  mutuals


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And there we have it! I’m sorry if I’ve missed anyone. Also, just to mention, I can be shy; so I probably won’t approach many of you to talk but know that I greatly enjoy your contributions to this fandom. Feel free to message me or send in an ask at any time :D 

Thank you everyone! 

Sincerely, thekingdomheartsdepths~

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! ♥ So I wanted to do a follow forever when I hit 5k, but I figured it would be more fun to do it on valentine’s day because it’s CUTER OKAY?!

I’ll be brief, but I just can’t say thank you enough! This past year has been really rough for me, and at every twist and turn, you guys are a comforting constant for me. You guys are too sweet, and you always support me when I’m down and I appreciate that more than you all will ever know. :) I love coming on here and being around people who love what I love, and I love how I can be myself here! I wish I could share a paopu with you, ride on a magic carpet with you, make a pinky promise with you, steal people’s hearts with you, Tidus laugh with you, count backwards from 1000 to 7 with you, explore ancient ruins with you, and cry over sea salt ice cream with all of you (too many references from too many different places don’t smack me). Anyways, nerdy references aside, I love you guys! ♥ And here are some blogs that I love deeply from the bottom of my kingdom heart:


@3wayfinders, @aerialslam, @aeroas, @ajentamuu, @akashis, @ambalambs, @angelnamine, @ansemsapprentice, @aominae, @auxiliums, @axeltheviii, @bakanekiiii, @beattoriche, @blackpaopu, @cactuarqueen, @caerberus, @cheerupcharms, @chosenxbyxetro, @cinnamonchurro, @cleyra, @cloudstrifes, @complicatedandclean, @counterxattack, @crazy-chocobo, @datakairi, @datamarluxia, @denofwoe, @disneysora, @divinesabers, @doortothelight 


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