Guys. Nomura just confirmed that Sora’s birthday is March 28.

The same day KH came out.

Which, according to Nomura, follows the Disney character rule of your birthday being your debut day.

I just

My baby

Is an honorary Disney character

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some dude defending video games/fantasy worlds: sexual dimorphism is present in most animal species, it makes sense the males are huge beasts and the females slightly tinted runway models

me: oh yeah?? Where are my plumy asshole male characters then? Where are my colorful flamboyant males with drab unassuming female partners?? We’re basing our junk off the animal kingdom, so where’s this:

(yellow is the male)

someone draw me a peacock-dwarf, fantasy world’s ain’t shit


Lay your hands on me again and I’ll show you exactly what happened to the last old man who touched my Sora’s body.” 

@destiny-islanders​ and I were discussing many headcanons. One of those headcanons being that Vanitas is still with Sora while he’s on Eos.This is what i consider Ardyn’s first warning. He doesn’t heed it, because Sora’s been pretty light weight so far, so the next few times he tries to mess with the guy Vanitas is instantly in control and absolutely lays waste to Ardyn fucking Izunia. He knows he cant kill him, but damn if he isn’t going to try.

Justin: Okay, is there a math check? What are you talking about?

Griffin: Yeah, it’s your fucking brain. You use your brain to add numbers together.

Justin: Ok, 16.

Griffin: What are you even doing?

Justin: I’m seeing if Taako knows this, and I have 16 out of 20.

Griffin: 16 out of 20 shot of knowing the history, the inventor of math in this fantasy world, is what you’re rolling to check?

Justin: Like, the history of this fantasy world, yes! Like, Griffin, I love you, you’re my brother, but if my skill called HISTORY does not literally help me with HISTORY trivia questions in a category called HISTORY, what are we even fucking doing here?

I couldn’t be happier with this gorgeous piece I commissioned @panda-capuccino as a belated birthday present for my dear friend @kylorenvevo.

This is a scene from my favorite reylo fic To Kingdom Come. This fic always helps me through my rough times. I’ve read it through three times over. So this is my thank you to Thea for creating this wonderful series. 

Rey is already running. Ben’s eyes widen when he spots her but, before he can so much as move a muscle, she hurls herself at him, looping her arms around his neck to pull herself up his body, wrapping her legs around his waist. He instinctively clamps one hand to the base of her spine and his free arm to the backs of her thighs to keep her supported against him. In full view of the Resistance forces and the Jedi Masters and the defeated stormtroopers, amidst the ruins of the Valley of the Dark Lords, as the lingering smoke of battle wafts into the dust-laced air, she rains down frantic kisses on every inch of his face, forehead, jaw, nose, cheeks, scar, every beauty spot, every freckle. And, finally, she presses her lips to his, the red-gold sunset burning through her closed eyelids, her fingers tangling in his hair.    

He kisses her back. The two of them sway slightly as he loses a bit of balance, but Rey isn’t afraid. Ben will never let her fall.

Sword of the Jedi