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The spookiest month of the year is here and It is time for the TWEWY fandom to rise from the dead!

For the next 31 days create fanart using a daily prompt. Be loosely inspired by the prompts or follow them strictly and literally, just don’t let them completely restrict you. Have them as your guide, something to help you focus on an idea.

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anonymous asked:

Can u do kaz and inej first kiss?

They work in moments.

There’s no plan here. Kaz’s mind can go a million miles an hour and still shudder to a stop every time his fingers brush Inej’s bare skin. It’s never by accident, and yet a part of him is somehow still surprised every time it happens.

Surprised that he does it. That she lets him. And sometimes she doesn’t, murmurs a quiet stop as their foreheads press together, his hand ghosting the curve of her waist, their breath hot and tangled together. They pause, the water lapping at their throats, their chests, their waists, their knees, until it all drains around their ankles and it’s just the two of them again.

She swallows. He hears it, attuned to every part of her. Slowly, her hand lifts, fitting perfectly in the space between them to brush her thumb over his mouth. His heart speeds up, or stops entirely, and Kaz thinks he feels each individual eyelash skate over his skin as she lowers her gaze.

“Breathe,” she says softly. They work in moments, and he has lost count of how many it took to get to this point, the faint parting of lips, her spare hand curled around his forearm and stroking the pace of her own breathing into the soft skin of his inner elbow. “I can stop. If you want.”

Kaz has prided himself on having no tells in the past, until Inej. Inej, who is under his skin, in his blood, who he would bleed out for and bleed the world for at this point. She knows all his secrets, the infinitesimal movements that spell out panic when he is too frozen to move let alone speak. She knows what makes him vulnerable, and he is vulnerable now, but neither of them move.

He breathes.

“Okay,” she whispers, and her mouth presses the word into his lips. A shaky smile plucks at the edges, and Kaz - Kaz isn’t sure who it belongs to. Maybe it’s theirs. “Okay.”

And then they’re both pulling away, caught in the last rays of light filtering into his office, red in the face and satisfied in a way that words can’t explain.

They work in moments, and this is just one more.