Iconic™ Kaz Brekker Moments

-’Kaz was just glad he used the damn door.”

-“You can put him in a coffeepot for all I care.”

-”Even worse, if I fail, I don’t get paid.”

-”You might actually have had to uncurl that lip and treat me with something closer to respect.”

-Ripping Oomen’s eyeball out and shoving his handkerchief in the socket.

-”I’ll just hire Matthias’ ghost to kick your ghost’s ass.”

-”Hold the book up so we don’t have to look at your ugly face.” (Kaz, be nice to Jesper)

-Nina: “And I can tell you’ve never given enough thought to your haircut.”

Kaz: *runs a self-conscious hand through his hair*

(only Nina. Only Nina can make Kaz in to a seventeen year old, concerned about his haircut)

-”Jacob fucking Hertzoon”

-Talking tree jokes??????

-Matthias: “We go from aspirant to novice drüskelle in the ceremony at the sacred ash.”

Kaz: “Where the tree talks to you.”

-Kaz: “The Dregs need a better initiation (I’m over here wondering what the Dregs’ initiation is)”

Matthias: This is only one part of Hringkälla.”

Kaz: “Yes, I know, then the tree tells you the secret handshake.”

-”Of course you don’t [like speculation]. You like things you can see. Like piles of snow and benevolent tree gods.”

-Or you were dead wrong about Matthias and you’re going to pay for all those talking tree jokes

-’They blew up the lab. I definitely did not tell them to blow up the lab.’

Kaz, captain of the Wesper ship
  • Would have known Jesper’s type (cause bffs not because he knows everyone’s weaknesses…ok that too who am I kidding). 
  • Assigns social butterfly Jesper to the solo welcome party that ‘scouts’ Wylan for a job.
  • Knew Wylan would accept because what lost merchling would resist that charm.  
  • Probably had Jesper in the ‘no harm comes to this kid’ spy party. 
  • Acknowledges that Jesper’s gambling addiction is more of a con than a pro when it comes to Jesper’s worth on his team 
  • Secretly wants what’s best for Jesper
  • Figures Wylan’s family background makes him good around money. 
  • Continuously pairs Jesper with Wylan on jobs. 
  • Tells Wylan to keep an eye on Jesper. 
  • Tells Jesper to keep the ball of sunshine his investment alive.  
  • Can see Wylan’s influence on getting Jesper to be less anxious.
  • Can see Jesper’s influence when Wylan starts speaking up for himself and others. #ProudDad
  • Probably has Inej reporting back to him on how they’re getting along (outside stoic face, internally evil smirk) 
  • Makes sure it’s Jesper that goes with Wylan to see his mother (because he needed support, not protection) 
  • Knows Wylan is the best thing for Jesper.
  • Kaz, probably, after he gets his beautiful, most lovely, saints adored Wraith back:

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As a whole, I don’t know if Avatar Land was the best idea (especially compared to the Beastly Kingdom), but this animatronic will probably go down in Disney history!