Trinity Appreciation.

The importance of this relationship  is not only the different abilities and skills they bring for the greater good or their different personalities which creates for entertaining dynamics. They are a team, yes, but they are also close friends and family. They have built up a lot of trust over the decades, and sometimes have had disagreement, but ultimately they have a lot of affection for one another. Clark is the glue that keeps this Trinity together, I feel.

 I love Clark and Diana as a couple, and their innate optimism and  compassion I think helps Bruce and tempers that loneliness and darkness that surrounds him. That they do this unconditionally is what makes their open heartedness so significant.  For me Bruce sees them as the brother and sister he never had. 

The greatest testament of their trust, love and respect is seen when they ask him to be Godfather to their child in Kingdom Come. The timing of it is perfect too because it is all earned via the narrative of hope overcoming tragedy/ light triumphing after darkness.  Bruce,  of course, says yes. I mean, the idea of training and influencing a Kryptonian/Amazon kid, I can just see a seasoned and older Batman would love that!

It’s also why I think Kingdom Come is such a great story and seen as a perfect finale to the DCU. It ends on a high note and a whole epilogue celebrating the Trinity.

Canterbury Castle
Canterbury, Kent

Dating back to the Norman Conquest (1066-1072 CE), Canterbury Castle was one of three royal castles in Kent. Originally, it was a simple wooden motte-and-bailey castle, but was rebuilt in stone between 1090 and 1125. The castle saw conflict in the First Baron’s War (1215-1217) and the Peasants’ Revolt (1381) – surrendering to the opposing side in both conflicts. 

’ a husband always needs to be there for his wife, even when things get tough ’

Got up with this one after reading kingdom come again 😍 eventually they do end up with five kids, and you only get to see baby jonathan being born, right? So i made this 😁

#SupermanWonderWoman, expectant parents by  rebeccatheawkward


My love for Superman & Wonder Woman takes its toll on my pockets but not sorry. :D I don’t live in the US so chasing down some comics (like variants) and merchandise can be expensive. Shipping costs are killer. It pains me more though when I can’t get at some stuff.  DC, you got to make more Superman/Wonder Woman merchandise so people who live outside of the US can go into a store and buy some stuff!!! 

This is just some of my stuff (been buying since 2002)  and I hope to add more!

The British royal family at Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation. 1953.

Group includes: Princess Alexandra of Kent, Prince Michael of Kent, Princess Marina (Duchess of Kent), Prince Henry (Duke of Gloucester), Princess Margaret, Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Philip, Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother, Prince Edward of Kent, Princess Mary (Countess of Harewood), Prince William of Gloucester, Prince Richard of Gloucester and Princess Alice (Duchess of Gloucester). 

Wearing her father’s necklace and looking radiant, Elizabeth made her entrance into the ancient abbey in a dress that had taken 3,000 clothes coupons and bore 10,000 pearls. Some 2,000 guests were waiting, among them one of the largest gatherings of royalty since the time of Queen Victoria. All eyes were on the silk-clad figure as she walked down the long nave. There was an awareness that history was being made; all the ritual of a royal wedding in this building so alive with past spectacle. Princess Marina, who had helped to facilitate the match with private meetings at Coppins between her young cousin, Prince Philip, and her niece, Princess Elizabeth, was delighted. The Duke and Duchess of Gloucester were waiting in some trepidation as Prince William was to hold the long train of her dress as a page. From across Europe they came drawn to this great royal reunion, like times of old. Many were direct descendants of Queen Victoria, such as King Michael of Romania, Queen Victoria Eugenie of Spain and Queen Ingrid of Sweden; others were related by marriage, such as Uncle Charles.

The wedding of Princess Elizabeth and Prince Philip

Princes At War by Deborah Cadbury

Newly-installed Princess Elizabeth, Duchess of Edinburgh and Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh on the West Steps of St. George’s Chapel after the 600th Anniversary Service of the Order of the Garter, with the Duchess of Gloucester, Princess Margaret and the Duchess of Kent behind them. April 1948.

Ladies and gentlemen, the DCEU Justice League, as presented in the style of Earth 22, or, as it is more commonly known, the universe of Alex Ross and Mark Waid’s Kingdom Come.


My Thoughts on TRUTH

Some have asked how do I feel about the new Superman status quo coming in June and how I think  it will affect him and even his relationship to Diana. Also what I think about the new costumes. The concern being that Clark might be depowered and his real identity revealed to the world by Lois Lane. How will that work in the mythos that has mostly been written with him having a dual life. ie Clark Kent and Superman.

Now I don’t know what the writers plan to do. I do know they seem to be, based on interviews and teases, playing with themes of identity and accountability. Which for the Superman character is actually relevant. This status quo might not last. We might very well go back to him getting an ID. It’s comics. Things change all the time for writers to tell their stories. It’s just like the costumes. They will go back to the cape but for now the bare essentials…ie jeans, tee, and the symbol works for what they want to say. There seems to be a stripping down to the basics. A visual throw back to when Superman was the social crusader and champion of the oppressed and that Fleischer S illustrates it very well. 

In my opinion Clark Kent/Superman still needs to learn things and if this storyline show that, then I am all for it. People make a big deal about Superman being the moral compass for the DCU. They make a big deal about Clark Kent being a great reporter. Sometimes he does investigative journalism, other times maybe social stories and recently he even blogged. But he writes. And we got a very logical and poignant reason why he writes. Which works. Because it actually challenges him and his powers can’t help him here. And he chooses to be Clark because it helps him  connect, feel a part of the world he lives in, grounds him. He’s basically keeping it real. 

What I liked a lot in the new 52 is that writers go to great lengths to show that Clark has consciously chosen to do this himself. It’s not about one person teaching him. Clark has interacted with many amazing people in his life,  from his childhood up. From his parents, to Lana, Pete, his first boss from the Daily Star, his little old landlady when he first came to Metropolis, Lois, Jimmy, Perry, John Henry Irons, Bruce Wayne, Barry Allen, Hal Jordan, Vic Stone, Arthur Curry, Princess Diana of Themyscira, hell, he’s met the amazing Neil degrasse Tyson (Action Comics #14)!  And then we have Baka and Krypto and Kara and Kon and so many other individuals who all equally help shape Clark’s outlook. But bottom line,  it is Clark. His empathy,  his choices. 

But Clark Kent is not all that he is, is he? This guy has a heritage. He had biological parents who loved him and were parted from him.  He descended from a rich and advanced culture. A culture that was alien and one that was prematurely destroyed. A tragic end which Clark has to cope with.  He now has vast powers because of that heritage. So Clark Kent cannot ignore Kal-El of Krypton even if he wanted to. He’s almost like a second generation immigrant and we know the writer Gene Luen Yang wants to explore that aspect and what it means to him. If you ask anyone who has ties to another culture living in a country that is not his/her origin…they will tell you, you cannot ignore your heritage. It is part of your identity. Nurture is largely responsible for who we are but nature can’t just be excised. So even though Clark was raised in the Mid West, his Kryptonian heritage is still with him. His powers, his feeling of being different, hiding who he is…these are tangible reminders he is not just a Kansas farm boy. He might not see himself any different but to the world a man, no matter who he is, if he is a  powerful figure who impacts on the world, he is held to a higher standard and scrutiny. That is how the modern world works. We expect accountability from our leaders/ those in authority. They have to earn our trust and respect. Clark Kent opted to do this when he picked up the cape and he should know with it comes consequences.

Often it was stated he became a writer to keep an eye on world events via the newsroom. In 2015 that really does not hold much weight. Satellites, super senses ( hearing and seeing across the planet) , social media,( a cell phone, lap top), his highly advanced Fortress of Solitude, the JL Watchtower-. Superman really does not need to be in a newsroom to get news nowadays. It’s why MOS was  baffling to me when he just turned up to grin at Lois. No real reason was shown why he would even want to be a reporter. He just turned up because she was there and the unbelievable reason he needed to know what was happening. Modern journalism has changed a lot. The Superman mythos has not kept up with it. The blogging aspect was interesting for Clark because it allowed Clark to write independently, and do his Superman thing without defrauding the Daily Planet of their time. How many times is he supposed to turn up late or just disappear and Perry White is supposed to foolishly never notice? And even if Perry suspects the idea a Chief Editor of a huge new paper would keep this a secret is a huge conflict of interest. And his JL missions and saving the world does not last conveniently for an hour, does it? There is a lot of suspension of belief in comics but times Superman begs the most. And I am not even touching on the fact he only wears a glasses to fool a whole newsroom. But you know we roll with it. But sometimes when the mythos tries to elevate itself over others…then you can’t just roll with it. You need to have them account for it. Else once again it is just pandering.

Clark choosing to be a reporter, I get the love and challenge of writing but journalists are supposed to be about truth. Reporting the facts . Without fear or favor, to the public who on some level trust them to be a watchdog for society. To give the world the truth to make an informed opinion or choice. Clark Kent hiding he is Superman? Now that’s a real conflict of interest. We the readers know he is a good guy but the world does not know that. To the world Superman is a divisive subject. Some love and trust him. Others do not. Each have his/her reasons. And that’s a valid take. A reflection of the real world. No one in the spotlight is loved by all. Everyone has their own policy and agenda and outlook. So it should be in the stories we read. Especially the comics aimed at older readers. Not saying DC can’t stick to simpler themes for younger readers. They can/ should keep it fun and entertaining. But the current older readership DC are aiming for, I think they should explore mature, real world themes . Writing is not about making the reader comfortable but to make us think. It’s why I can never understand this knee jerk reaction some fans have when they see something different. They have not read anything yet but know it’ll be the worse! 

 So Lois, we think, breaks the story on his identity come June. (Not sure of the details but seems she does) Now some fans are mad at DC about that saying Lois never would. Lois Lane is supposed to be a reporter. According to DC one of the best. A reporter has ethics and a duty. A reporter deals with the truth. The is no half truth. There is the whole truth. Clark Kent did not confide in her. He went ahead and did his own thing. Many times he is the one who might eventually tell her…and always because he had romantic feelings for her. And if she hides the truth it’s because she is romantically entangled or has feelings for him. Clark even at times would write about himself, which is totally wrong and the new 52 at least addressed that. He avoids doing it now. Gaining accolades or headlines this way was not ethical. Lois is largely known for breaking Superman stories. They were married last canon and the conflict of interest was never addressed. This time it looks as if DC are finally trying to show Lois as a capable and unbiased reporter. And she should not have to apologize to anyone for doing her job. It’s the biggest story in the world. I am sure it gave her pause knowing it was a colleague/ friend but end of the day, she is obliged to tell the truth if she is supposed to be a tough, hard as nails and honest reporter. Should one person have the right to not break that?  Seems to me if I was a member of the public, I wouldn’t be that happy one person decided on a crucial matter for us. And it’s not good journalism if the motivation for hiding is because they attracted, dating or married to the subject. Some cite MOS example as a reason Lois would never break the story. MOS Lois was making out with a guy she just met. Superman had not been around that long for her to really know she could trust him. The wider picture is again one person hiding a crucial truth because of personal feelings.

This is not just some movie star hiding out. This is Superman. Who gets to police us. Impose a certain level of authority.  A man who has been hiding as a normal guy who actually reports on people and wants them to account to him and the public but does not want to account for himself? If the person was anyone but Clark Kent…an alien etc hiding out…bet your bottom dollar Lois would break the story. It’s now for the court of public opinion to deal with it. And a brave Clark, a conscientious Superman would deal with the fallout and maybe even thank his friend for making him face up to the truth. And being depowered, well he’s been depowered many times before. This time let’s hope it’s not about hiding or taking time out. Often it was an excuse for writers just to have him hanging out at the Daily Planet being only a reporter. Now it seems he’ll still be trying to make the difference. We might see a honing of his fighting skills and an ability to still protect and stand for what is right. Too often people have said if Superman loses his powers he’s useless. He should not be. Bruce Wayne and Diana Prince have shown they can hold their own no matter what. So should Clark.

If we have faith in Clark Kent to be the good man he is, then being Clark outed as Superman should not change his morals or his drive.  Now I am not saying he should stay in this status quo forever. I am saying Clark/Kal needs to learn some lessons in terms of evolving the mythos. For most of Superman history he rolled with what he felt like. Superman’s destiny is to step up. Be a leader and inspiration and embrace what that means. Those that claim he would rather just be human and not be Superman do not get what this hero’s journey is about. Only in stories like Kingdom Come do we see it finally clicking with Clark. He embraces fully what he is supposed to be and the consequences. He (and the other heroes) learn to get trust, you to give trust and you also need truth.

Now as for him and Diana? Well, this seems to me TRUTH is an extension of the conversation they had where she asked him why did he hide?  She gets to the core of the matter.  For someone like her, hiding is a sort of contradiction because she fully embraces who she is. Granted she might use it at times to go under cover or incognito but Diana does not live the kind of double life that Clark does. For better or worse, she puts herself out there and whether we accept her or judge her, she does not hide from it. Hessia even tried to get them to face the truth by outing their relationship to the world. Clark eventually came around to seeing that was not a bad thing. That their relationship was still theirs even if others knew. 

 It is more than likely Diana will support him through this. Encourage him to face it, the good and the bad. It’ll be a good test for him and the test is timely in terms of the questions we all ask of those in authority in today’s world. Ultimately Clark/Kal is meant for great things. And it’s not about hiding forever as a reporter but being a man who people can look up to, who can help change the world and him coming to terms with that. 

You will give the people of Earth an ideal to strive towards. They will race behind you, they will stumble, they will fall. But in time, they will join you in the sun, Kal. In time, you will help them accomplish wonders. 

So here is to hoping Truth can bring up those  questions we’ve all asked at one time or the other and answer them in ways that can help enrichen the Superman mythos and expand on its history. And balance the Clark and Kal-El personas better than what we had in the past. I always saw him as one individual. No mask ie he is more Clark than Kal or vice versa. There is a change in behavior or presentation to suit the situation he is in but be he Clark or Kal, when you take away the cape or glasses, there is one man. And he simply wants to make the world a better and equitable place using the abilities he has.