Trinity Appreciation.

The importance of this relationship  is not only the different abilities and skills they bring for the greater good or their different personalities which creates for entertaining dynamics. They are a team, yes, but they are also close friends and family. They have built up a lot of trust over the decades, and sometimes have had disagreement, but ultimately they have a lot of affection for one another. Clark is the glue that keeps this Trinity together, I feel.

 I love Clark and Diana as a couple, and their innate optimism and  compassion I think helps Bruce and tempers that loneliness and darkness that surrounds him. That they do this unconditionally is what makes their open heartedness so significant.  For me Bruce sees them as the brother and sister he never had. 

The greatest testament of their trust, love and respect is seen when they ask him to be Godfather to their child in Kingdom Come. The timing of it is perfect too because it is all earned via the narrative of hope overcoming tragedy/ light triumphing after darkness.  Bruce,  of course, says yes. I mean, the idea of training and influencing a Kryptonian/Amazon kid, I can just see a seasoned and older Batman would love that!

It’s also why I think Kingdom Come is such a great story and seen as a perfect finale to the DCU. It ends on a high note and a whole epilogue celebrating the Trinity.

I accidentally joined a Facebook group that ships Superman and Wonder Woman. 

I never really shipped Clark with Diana. I mean, they are similar in a lot of ways and the special thing about their relationships with Lois and Steve is that they help bring Clark and Diana closer to humanity and ground them. Lois and Steve show Clark and Diana what humanity can be and that humanity can accept them. 

While I’m not totally against Clark and Diana being a couple, I just don’t know if there would be a whole lot of room for personal growth in that relationship like there is when they are with Lois and Steve. 

I liked Clark and Diana’s relationship in Kingdom Come though. Diana was trying to connect Clark back to humanity and trying to make him realize how much Earth needs him. 

I think I like Clark and Diana together if Lois and Steve are not there. Clark and Diana will outlive Lois and Steve for a looooonnnnnngggggg time. So in that case, I think it can work. 

What does everyone else think? I’m always up for a good discussion and please recommend any reading material that shows Clark and Diana having a great relationship. 


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