By the mid-1700s, the Asante Kingdom had unified the culturally homogeneous region in what is today Ghana, and asserted its control over trade in gold, textiles, and slaves. Asante’s remarkable wealth and political vitality were symbolized by the extraordinarily rich art traditions propagated and sustained at the court by the king, or Asantahene. This is an Akrafokonmu, (“soul washer’s disk”) worn around the neck by court officials for symbolic protection.  Asante Kingdom, circa 1700s-1800s. 

My other Disneybound design, Sora!

I added a few referenced from the games. Sora and Kairi sharing a papou, a sheild, wand and keyblade pin. Heartless patch, nobody and shadow heartless patches, kingdom key bracelet and sora chain with kairis lucky charm! What do you think?