kingdom of the mad

I’m getting too many posts on my dashboard these days about how “Sora is the perfect angel, he never does anything wrong.!” “Terra is such a screw-up, wasn’t it obvious he was being manipulated…” 

You want a chart? I’ll make a chart. I’ll fucking do it. EVERY SINGLE CHARACTER HAS AN UPSIDE AND A DOWNSIDE. No one is inherently perfect, no one is a total fuck-up. Everyone did something WRONG, everyone did something RIGHT.




  • Very devoted to helping others
  • Fun-loving attitude, the “upbeat” guy
  • Adventurous and out-going


  • Super-trusting of most things he hears (can often lead to being tricked)
  • Arrogant towards those he dislikes or disagrees with
  • Oblivious and doesn’t often connect the dots
  • VERY reckless

“Whoa, whoa, Storm, you can’t just bash Sora like-” OH YES I CAN, THIS CHILD HAS FUCKED UP QUITE A LOT. Even if it’s not on the same scale as others, Sora has made a number of mistakes that people tend to ignore because they wanna see their precious sunshine boy for the perfection that he isn’t. 

Examples? GLADLY! How ‘bout the time Sora just TRUSTED Hades when he handed him the pass to enter the Games? (KH1)

Not convincing enough? Okay, what about when he was going to just jump into the Portal of Darkness, after seeing Saix, despite possible repercussions? (KH2)

STILL? He hardly bothered to listen to the Organization members (Xigbar, for instance, or Demyx) when they talked to him, just telling them to quit rambling or cut the act of having a heart. If he had LISTENED, he might’ve learned about Roxas or the previous Keyblade wielders SOONER! (KH2)

DON’T EVEN MAKE ME DIP INTO WHAT THEY DID IN DREAM DROP DISTANCE, that child lost ALL sense of self-preservation in that game and seriously couldn’t figure out he was being manipulated.

“Okay then… What about Terra?”

Terra. Did not. Fuck up. That badly. Everyone says Terra is a screw up and he did everything wrong. He didn’t realize he was being manipulated and he’s stupid for that.

No, it’s okay. I’ll give benefit of a doubt. Let’s just…



  • Thoughtful to his friends and those he cares for
  • Loyal to his duties as a Keyblade wielder
  • Takes most things said to heart


  • Takes most things said to heart (he believes people’s first words too easily, even blatant lies)
  • Easily manipulated via threats towards those he cares about 
  • Insecure about his strength and abilities, another source of manipulation
  • VERY gullible (we all know that) but not to an extent that he didn’t care for his own well-being or others

“Storm, you make a compelling argument but Terra still was-” Look, Terra definitely screwed up, but people are blaming TERRA for what happened more than Xehanort’s manipulative ways. 

Xehanort danced around Eraqus, was setting up Ventus to be a pawn, ready to kill Aqua if she got in the way. Terra was just another piece of this big plan. Yet he’s assigned quite a lot of the blame. 

This all is setting up to draw PARALLELS between Terra and Sora. The two were easily manipulated, often could be reckless, but in the end, just aimed to help the people they cared for. 

Sora is often put out to be this huge savior of all people while Terra is drawn to be the unwilling cause of most situations. But how can they be so different when their upsides and downsides are so identical?

I.E., Terra didn’t screw up as badly as you think. He was actually doing really well. And Sora isn’t the perfect person. He’s messed up as much as anybody.


Hayao Miyazaki talking about his passion for animation while seeing the world through his fascinating career. From the documentary: The Kingdom of Dreams and Madness (2013)

People need to understand how much fear and cruelty the Mad King spread in the seven kingdoms. The Mad King burned Ned Stark’s father with wild fire while his brother choked to death inside a noose trying to save his father. Also Sansa thinks Jon Snow is still what’s left of her family, that’s genuine fear for his life and abandonment issues she’s working through when she tells Jon he’s leaving his people, not her trying to gain an upper hand - as you can see she didn’t even think she would be the one ruling in his absence.


~ ☆ Happy International Women’s Day : Insp () ☆ ~

“A strong woman is one who feels deeply and loves fiercely. Her tears flow just as abundantly as her laughter. A strong woman is both soft and powerful. She is both practical and spiritual. A strong woman, in her essence, is a gift to the world.”