kingdom of nonsense

  • <p> <b>Friend :</b> They're just fictional characters. And stop calling them "my child", that's weird.<p/><b>Me :</b> <p/><b>Me :</b> Don't talk to me or my 271 children ever again.<p/></p>

since i’m posting doodles i may as well post these too

what is this kingdom hearts nonsense over here

rule #1 of swords: the girthier they are, the less cool they look

the thinner and longer swords are the coolest while the sword equivalent of chodes can go fuck themselves, that’s why katanas and rapiers are the best

i’m glad dave is a true connoisseur 

and no, this isn’t a dick metaphor

oh no, what a shame, a mess, in this immaculate kitchen,,,,


Roxas in a J&D-esque design to match the Sora I drew earlier! Got a bit carried away but long ears are too cute okay