kingdom of arendelle


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arendelle (frozen)

“sure, we’ll help you get your sister back!”
“sora! are you kidding?! it’s too cold out there!”


Mirror’s Edge - Boss Class

“This is only chance and I will not let you get in my way”

Still dumping all the Arendelle things this week so here is the final boss of Arendelle’s world

I wanted to work with the idea of a mirror since Hans is also the final boss as well as something that looks like a knight in shining armor as well as an executioner and meld that into a heartless.

Instead of fighting him using the darkness or something I wanted something like Clayton’s fight in KH1 Deep Jungle but nothing like Barbossa’s fight in KH2 Port Royal. Sort of like Xehanort’s Guardian but it just copies the host.

Basically it mirrors Hans, so his range extends a bit. It tries to cleave shards of the frozen fjord at you so a bit of dodging would be necessary. It’s when it’s HP is low that Hans enters the mirror in it’s chest and becomes a full host to it. At that time it would shatter the floor of the battleground, it would try any means to take you down eg dragging you down the fjord. At one point I wanted the fjord to become a mirror itself and Hans would momentarily control your movement.  The mirrors are the weak point so break them and it’ll be down in no time.

Working with the fjord, the blizzard would also be in factor so it would provide a momentary mask for them to hide in and sneak up behind the player. Maybe some ice field factor with slipping but that is way too annoying at times. Landing in water will deplete HP since it is icy cold and it allows a chance for them to drag you down. Something like Monstro’s fight in KHBBSFM but hopefully swimming mechanics will be upgraded.

I think Riku would probably take Hans on. I think it would definitely suit his story and how it really counters Riku’s whole character. I dunno Hans could learn a hell of things from Riku

Given the fame of Frozen, and how much money it raked in the Box office, surpassing Lion King for most money gained before inflation (ergo making it Disney’s most successful film), it would be stupid of them not to include Frozen in KHIII to some degree. That being said, if there is a world based off Arendelle, Elsa needs to be a world Party Member. And if they can’t include a world based off the film for whatever reason, I’d want Elsa to be a summon like FF’s Shiva.

The alternative life (closed rp with Ask-me-princess-anna)

It wasn’t much longer after the accident of that night, the one that had separated the sisters. That two lives were taken from the kingdom of Arendelle and ruined a happy family. After Elsa’s magic accident the king, Adgar had done his research to help his daughter. While Idun busied herself with caring for her daughters, trying to keep them both happy to the best of her ability.

It wasn’t long after starting his research that the King found the answer he was looking for, with a long discussion with his wife Idun did he start packing for the two week journey. He had the staff help bring the couple trunks of his own and Elsa’s to the royal ship, making sure everything was in order for the trip. Elsa and Adgar said their good byes, before they’d left. Waving to Idun and Anna as the ship departed, the queen held her youngest on her hip as she waved back. Hoping they’d return soon, she just wanted to see her daughters happy and playing again like before.

A couple weeks had passed with no word from her husband or her seven year old daughter, wondering what had happened. Maybe their letters had been delayed from the storms that had been coming and going lately. The queen stayed up late most nights hoping for something, but still nothing came.

That morning Idun knocked on Anna’s door.“ Sweetheart? Are you awake? It’s time to wake up, breakfast is almost ready.” She said before walking into her five year olds room and sat on the bed, running her slender fingers through Anna’s short red locks.“ Anna.. Sweetie, wake up for mama.”


drew’s disney’s descendants auViola, Princess of Corona, daughter of Queen Rapunzel, the Found Princess, and Prince Eugene of House Fitzherbert

One of the most unique landscapes in Auradon is the kingdom of Corona, which exists on a massive island, reached only by a series of stone bridges from the forests of Rosencourt. The cities and villages circle the palace, set upon the highest hill, and the people of Corona are generally a loving and compassionate people. Corona is sister kingdoms with Arendelle, a bond brought tighter by recent family ties. The Coronan coat of arms is a lemon-yellow sun on a purple field, and their words are “The Lights Will Appear.”

King Harold the Good and Queen Bethany are still alive, but their days as rulers wore them down as they spent so many years in strife, hoping their missing daughter would one day return to them. The princess reappeared at the palace after spending her whole life in captivity, and she spent the following years learning about her history, her family, her kingdom, and her people, and she brought a creativity to the government that made the people of Corona fall even further in love with her. Wishing to spend their later years as a family without the pressure of ruling, King Harold and Queen Bethany passed the crown to Rapunzel early and a few years after her coronation, Queen Rapunzel married Eugene of House Fitzherbert and gave birth to their twins, a girl called Viola and a boy called Sebastian. Queen Rapunzel and Queen Belle struck up a strong friendship during the establishment of Auradon that has brought the kingdoms closer, and Viola, Sebastian, and Beau grew up seeing each other quite often, making them perhaps the closest friends among the various ambassadors at the start of the summit.

Viola has been blind since birth. Her mother was always a very visual person, her passion for art brought her joy during her years locked away in the tower and ultimately the sight of her parents’ floating lanterns was the key to their reunion. Sebastian inherited this creativity from their mother but Viola was by nature a very physical child, preferring to run, climb trees, wade through the brooks. She also took after her father, spinning lies when she broke any rules and shrewdly talking her way into and out of any situation in which she found herself, a talent which would later manifest itself as political cunning. Viola met Prince Chandran of Maldonia when they were younger and she fell so in love with the kindness that he showed her that she’s been determined to marry him ever since, and has been hopeful that the Maldonians would agree to send him to the summit.

Frozen -- Closed RP


It was early morning in the Kingdom of Arendell. The sun hadn’t even risen yet, but Armin was already awake. The young boy bouned up and down on his bed, wanting to play.

He jumped off the bed and ran over to the adjacent bed where John slept. “John! Wake up, I wanna play!” He called, shaking the older boy. He smirked, suddenly gaining an idea. He knew one way to wake John up for sure.

“John, do you wanna build a snowman?” He whispered