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Disney Conspiracy!

Elsa and Anna’s parents were going to Rapunzel’s return celebration 3 years ago when their ship sank, which is why you see Rapunzel and Flynn attending Elsa’s coronation 3 years later.

Kingdom of Corona is in Germany.
Kingdom of Arendelle is in Norway.
The Little Mermaid was near Denmark.

What if that sunken ship in The Little Mermaid is the King and Queen’s of Arendelle’s??

An Enchanted Adventure

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War had come to Misthaven. News of a bloodthirsty monarch heading for their shores, had Queen Snow and king David preparing for battle to protect their kingdom. 

Upon their departure, they’d left their eldest daughter, princess Emma in the safety of Lieutenant Killian Jones’ care. A loyal and fiercely brave man of their Royal Navy. Only the second man they’d trust in favour of his Captain and elder brother, Captain Liam Jones.

Liam had his own task at hand. While his brother was to stay behind and protect the princess, Liam was to escort Queen Elsa of Arendelle back to her kingdom safely in the wake of the terrible news. 

“You fascinate me, your highness.”

“How so?”

“I honestly don’t know. The way you think… it’s admirable.”

The two had formed a kindred friendship that always had them enjoying each other’s company. But as they journey across the ocean towards Arendelle, they find their relationship deepening. 

Their protectiveness over their younger siblings, their struggles to lead, their tough exteriors that hide their compassion all melt away leaving just themselves, learning about each others passions, dreams, hearts.

“What do you think of the view?”

“It’s beautiful. I’d no idea a ship could fly.”

“Well usually they can’t, but for you, only the best.”

Unfortunately, with open hearts comes open fears. Liam wonders if he’d ever be enough for a Queen. A simple Naval Captain who worked his way to the top from nothing. While Elsa struggles with wondering if loving a serviceman would cause her more pain that joy, wondering if every time he sailed away if it would be his last. 

But Jones men are never cowards, and Liam finds himself succumbing to his emotions, stealing a kiss in the dark of his cabin from the Queen. Elsa is more than eager to return it, leading to an awakening between them that they share between his crisp bed linens.

Their encounter leaves both shaken, completely lost to love but also completely terrified.

All too soon, the shores of Arendelle appear, and Liam is saying goodbye to Elsa as she’s escorted by her guards to the safety of her castle. She does not cry as she’s taken away, a single tear being the only indication that his departure has broken her heart.

She spends the next day sullen, wondering if his crew has finally restocked and departed, wondering if he’ll make it back safely, wondering if she’ll only ever see him through chance encounters at Queen Snow’s castle… or if she’ll ever see him again.

The heavy oak door opens but she doesn’t turn to address the person, who most likely is her younger sister Anna, wondering if she’s okay. 

But a voice shocks her to her core, causing her to spin in disbelief.


“I couldn’t leave with out telling you.”

“Telling me what?”

“That i’ve fallen. Deeply and madly in love with you, my queen.”

They fall into each other’s arms, confessing their love for the other, relief visible in both their eyes. They’ll make it work. However hard it may be, they have each other to fight for.

When Liam returns to Misthaven, the King and Queen have already beaten him back with news of a negotiation. The dreaded war avoided and a surprise announcement of his younger brother officially courting the princess. 

It seems the kingdoms of Misthaven and Arendelle will have a double royal wedding in their futures.


nature’s top five khiii worlds wishlist! { 1 / 5 }
arendelle (frozen)

“sure, we’ll help you get your sister back!”
“sora! are you kidding?! it’s too cold out there!”

Malec Week day 2

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“Alexander, it is coronation day!” Magnus said excitedly.

“Yes, I know, I know. We’re supposed to be getting ready.” Alec said, chuckling.

Indeed it was coronation day here in the kingdom of Arendelle. The coronation of Queen Elsa. A few years ago, Elsa’s, and her sister Princess Anna’s, parents died at sea, and Elsa is the heir to the throne.

“I know, but I’m just really excited; I’ve never been to a coronation before. Also, they’re opening up the castle gates. I can’t even remember a time when they weren’t closed.” Magnus said, thoughtful.

“Yes, it’s been forever. Are you almost ready, Magnus? I’ve been ready for a half an hour now.” Alec said, impatiently.

“Oh, don’t worry you pretty little head, darling. Just adding the finishing touch. He adds one final touch to his makeup before he’s ready to go.

“Ready?” Asks Alec.

“Ready.” Magnus replies.

So the two of them, hand in hand, out the door, and towards the castle.

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drew’s disney’s descendants auViola, Princess of Corona, daughter of Queen Rapunzel, the Found Princess, and Prince Eugene of House Fitzherbert

One of the most unique landscapes in Auradon is the kingdom of Corona, which exists on a massive island, reached only by a series of stone bridges from the forests of Rosencourt. The cities and villages circle the palace, set upon the highest hill, and the people of Corona are generally a loving and compassionate people. Corona is sister kingdoms with Arendelle, a bond brought tighter by recent family ties. The Coronan coat of arms is a lemon-yellow sun on a purple field, and their words are “The Lights Will Appear.”

King Harold the Good and Queen Bethany are still alive, but their days as rulers wore them down as they spent so many years in strife, hoping their missing daughter would one day return to them. The princess reappeared at the palace after spending her whole life in captivity, and she spent the following years learning about her history, her family, her kingdom, and her people, and she brought a creativity to the government that made the people of Corona fall even further in love with her. Wishing to spend their later years as a family without the pressure of ruling, King Harold and Queen Bethany passed the crown to Rapunzel early and a few years after her coronation, Queen Rapunzel married Eugene of House Fitzherbert and gave birth to their twins, a girl called Viola and a boy called Sebastian. Queen Rapunzel and Queen Belle struck up a strong friendship during the establishment of Auradon that has brought the kingdoms closer, and Viola, Sebastian, and Beau grew up seeing each other quite often, making them perhaps the closest friends among the various ambassadors at the start of the summit.

Viola has been blind since birth. Her mother was always a very visual person, her passion for art brought her joy during her years locked away in the tower and ultimately the sight of her parents’ floating lanterns was the key to their reunion. Sebastian inherited this creativity from their mother but Viola was by nature a very physical child, preferring to run, climb trees, wade through the brooks. She also took after her father, spinning lies when she broke any rules and shrewdly talking her way into and out of any situation in which she found herself, a talent which would later manifest itself as political cunning. Viola met Prince Chandran of Maldonia when they were younger and she fell so in love with the kindness that he showed her that she’s been determined to marry him ever since, and has been hopeful that the Maldonians would agree to send him to the summit.


Mirror’s Edge - Boss Class

“This is only chance and I will not let you get in my way”

Still dumping all the Arendelle things this week so here is the final boss of Arendelle’s world

I wanted to work with the idea of a mirror since Hans is also the final boss as well as something that looks like a knight in shining armor as well as an executioner and meld that into a heartless.

Instead of fighting him using the darkness or something I wanted something like Clayton’s fight in KH1 Deep Jungle but nothing like Barbossa’s fight in KH2 Port Royal. Sort of like Xehanort’s Guardian but it just copies the host.

Basically it mirrors Hans, so his range extends a bit. It tries to cleave shards of the frozen fjord at you so a bit of dodging would be necessary. It’s when it’s HP is low that Hans enters the mirror in it’s chest and becomes a full host to it. At that time it would shatter the floor of the battleground, it would try any means to take you down eg dragging you down the fjord. At one point I wanted the fjord to become a mirror itself and Hans would momentarily control your movement.  The mirrors are the weak point so break them and it’ll be down in no time.

Working with the fjord, the blizzard would also be in factor so it would provide a momentary mask for them to hide in and sneak up behind the player. Maybe some ice field factor with slipping but that is way too annoying at times. Landing in water will deplete HP since it is icy cold and it allows a chance for them to drag you down. Something like Monstro’s fight in KHBBSFM but hopefully swimming mechanics will be upgraded.

I think Riku would probably take Hans on. I think it would definitely suit his story and how it really counters Riku’s whole character. I dunno Hans could learn a hell of things from Riku


✦ Disney 30 Day Challenge: Day 1 (Your Favorite Character)

                         ↳ Prince Hans Westergard of The Southern Isles

"Hans is a handsome royal from a neighboring kingdom who comes to Arendelle for Elsa's coronation. With 12 older brothers, Hans grew up feeling practically invisible—and Anna can relate. Hans is smart, observant and chivalrous. Unlike Elsa, Hans promises he'll never shut Anna out; he just might be the connection she's been waiting for all these years."

anonymous asked:

Elsa having a secret love affair with a girl, and Anna walking in or otherwise finding out and being super supportive and getting hot headed at the kingdom because her sister can't get married, and Elsa is all like "i've only known her a couple weeks" but Anna is on a mission

Elsa pulled her new personal servant girl Helena in to her bed room by the hands giggling. They had been doing this for about two weeks now. Sneaking around and making out after pulling each other in to to empty rooms through out the palace. Anna had been suspicious of Elsa’s bubbly good mood since as well after she had started laughing to herself and going in to a smiling daze at dinner for no reason. Anna had promised her that she would figure out what she was hiding but Elsa insisted it was nothing.

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Winterguard - Soldier Class

To start off with the Kingdom Hearts World Study Project, for the character design segment, I designed a solder-class Heartless based off the Arendelle Guards.

They are mostly seen on the snow but will chase the gang onto icy surfaces as well. Once they are on the ice, they act like hockey players in a sense. They have this attack where they lodge their lance into the ice and spin rapidly. They become disoriented and confused so that’s your time to strike! (Note, they are actually more vulnerable on ice, because they are actually bad skaters and they will drop munny if they slip)

In terms of personality, I think they are serious but clumsy as well. The hat clearly is the brains and I imagine, if their attack misses or if they slip on ice, the hat will fuss about, stretch and reprimand them. 

I figure that the Winterguards would be a manifestation of Hans’ desire for loyalty and respect, or a representation of the people of Arendelle’s desire for the winter to end through the means. 

Feel free to click to read the annotations! 

Given the fame of Frozen, and how much money it raked in the Box office, surpassing Lion King for most money gained before inflation (ergo making it Disney’s most successful film), it would be stupid of them not to include Frozen in KHIII to some degree. That being said, if there is a world based off Arendelle, Elsa needs to be a world Party Member. And if they can’t include a world based off the film for whatever reason, I’d want Elsa to be a summon like FF’s Shiva.


Can we please just stop for a second and talk about Elsa from Frozen

First off is her past. Before her accident that almost killed Anna she was shown to be a playful and loving child, who loved her powers and created joy for her sister Anna.

But this changed drastically after the accident, after she shut Anna out. She became cold and distant towards her kingdom, her subjects, and most importantly, Anna. The sequence shown in the film during the song ‘Do you wanna build a snowman’ is evident for her isolation throughout the years. But the film language in the sequence is the most important out of the whole. The sequence mainly featured Anna growing up outside Elsa’s door, and the things she had done to fight off her boredom and disappointment, but in between there were little bits of conversation and interaction coming from Elsa. What I meant by film language, one of them was her dress code. Throughout the years of her isolation her outfits became more and more wrapped up, decent.

Art by Brittney Lee

Less and less skin was shown and it had the same effect as her gloves, to protect others, out of her fear. Right after the accident whenever her face was shown, it was one of sadness and guilt. Gone was the light in her eyes and in its place were unspoken apologies and tremendous fear. That brings us to another point: her fear. Her fear was shown consistently throughout the film: it acts as a driving force for almost all of her actions and therefore the plot. The accident did numbers on her. She now feared her powers more than ever before, and she chose isolation to protect the ones she loved.

Contrasting with what most people say her isolation was voluntary, not forced. Her parents misinterpreted what Grand Pabbie had said,

‘Fear will be your enemy.’

Her parents thought it meant fear of their daughter Elsa from other people.

And that was why they locked her up, or at least rarely let her leave, and Elsa grew to believe the misguided conception as well. Shown as the more mature one out of the two sisters, she was never once shown to break any of the isolation rules her parents set for her. She knew why it had to be this way and the rules were never broken even after her parents left her.

On the subject of her parents brings us to another point: her role. As the elder sister and therefore heir to the throne she was groomed to rule the kingdom of Arendelle after her father. It is the most important role in all of the kingdom. She must be trained to be a leader, to take charge of her subjects and make decisions best for the whole kingdom.

That is a huge responsibility as all of the lives of her subjects and the fate of Arendelle rests squarely and solely on her shoulders. She was taught knowledge, grace, power, authority, success. And these couldn’t be taken lightly for she would be a public figure, a role model. All things must be polished to perfection for any mistake could be fatal to her kingdom. You can imagine the stress she was put under starting from a young age, where everyone expected perfection from her, grace from her, discipline, wisdom, leadership, success from her.

As the heir she was to lead like her Father before her: with kindness, wisdom, and authority.

As the Queen she was behave like her Mother: with sophistication and grace.

But one additional thing that’s making it even harder for her was her fear. Her fear of hurting others with her powers.

The stress to control them as fast as she could for she was to be a public figure soon, a Queen, and that meant close and constant interaction with her subjects, her staff, and Arendelle’s trade partners.

To have such high expectations coming from so many people, to be responsible for so many lives for so many years to come, adding onto that, her fear and self-loathing, it should have crippled her.

But it didn’t.

It didn’t because of her personality, her maturity. It might have already crippled her but she certainly did not show it. As an heir with a sibling she could have escaped from her fate, her destiny. She could have left the kingdom and left the throne to Anna, and everyone would be safe from her, but she didn’t. She didn’t because she knew that as the elder it is her responsibility to rule after her father. She didn’t because as the mature one she knew that Anna’s not capable enough, not mature enough, to take over an entire kingdom. Her love for her sister and her subjects acted as her motivation. She pushed on, all those years out of concern for the fate of her kingdom, despite her fear. And when her powers got discovered, she could have still ruled with her powers. She could have had more authority, more power, over her subjects and her kingdom.

But instead she ran.

She ran because she knew this was not the way to rule, this was not what her father would have wanted from her. She ran out of her fear for the safety of her subjects, more so than herself. Even when she was on the North Mountain and Anna told her about the Eternal Winter she still cared.

This is the most important factor of all: her selflessness.

All the factors I have mentioned revolves around a single one: selflessness. She gave up her freedom, for her subjects. She gave up her happiness, for her subjects. She gave up everything that could have made her feel better, for her subjects. At the end she was even about to give up her life.

Out of love.

The love she had in her heart, although she didn’t realize it, is overwhelming. All those years, those thirteen whole years she endured. I cannot imagine the amount of guilt she felt every day for shutting Anna out without an explanation; the guilt she felt from the day she injured her sister; the guilt that intensified every passing second because she couldn’t even apologize to Anna and ask for her forgiveness because Anna couldn’t even remember what happened; the amount of fear and stress she felt when she thought she had not achieved perfection, when the time for her to rule was getting nearer and nearer and she still couldn’t control her powers. The sadness she felt when the Duke of Weselton called her a monster, when everyone turned afraid of her; the guilt that returned when she learned from Anna that she has put her kingdom and her subjects under an Eternal Winter, when her fears came true. She endured, for thirteen fucking years, full of guilt, regret, and fear. Even after all of that torture she still came out as sane.

Every day.

Every day.

“Do you wanna build a snowman Elsa?”

“It doesn’t have to be a snowman.”

“Please come out.”

“Are you mad at me?”

“Why Elsa? Why are you shutting me out?”

“Conceal, don’t feel.”

“Elsa what have you done?”

“She’s ice cold.”

“What have you done?”

“What have you done?”

Which is why when she finally found beauty in her powers and confidence in herself, it came to be the most beautiful thing in the world.

I am aware that I have repeated myself from my last 2000 word essay post, but again, I had to emphasize: People should not be the slightest bit ashamed if they like Elsa for any of the reasons above. She is an incredible character and she has, and will always have, a special place in my heart.

Yes I just did that

~ Pegacorn1210

First stop on our Kingdom Hearts World Study list…is Arendelle! 

Took me forever to get that Ice Palace and Snowflakes looking right!

I noticed that a big trend is that the prominent locations are part of the world art. I’d figure that Elsa’s palace would be an obvious one to put in the art (also since there would be a boss battle there) but I also put in ‘Wandering Oaken’s Trading Post’ since it would be a great Save Point, and the Frozen Fjord, since that would be where the Hans’ boss battle would be. The Northern Lights were added for fun! 

As with the logo, I thought the snowflakes really add that nice touch to the logo. The one on top of the 'A’ was an offhand idea to resemble the first Frozen trailer where Elsa was on the mountaintop and like sassing Anna and stuff. 

I guess you can also call the world; the Frozen Fjord. That was another name it could be called. Who knows.