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Jarida Fanfic:Glass Heart

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I’m still working on the smut, but I felt like making a small Jarida drabble for those who’ve been asking for my writing lately. Don’t expect TOO much, but I hope you all will enjoy it just the same :3. Inspired from the song “She Will be Loved” from Maroon 5.

Summary: During one night of a thunderstorm, Merida recalls memories from her childhood with a certain child of winter. When it comes down to it, some things really are impossible to explain. 

Glass Heart

Merida can’t remember the last time it had rained like this, the soft rumble of thunder roaring in the distance. Her body trembled from the sound, fear rising inside her heart—thunderstorms were never her favorite when growing up. She hated the shadows that were created from the flashes of lightning, imagining them to be monsters—like the ones her father used to tell her from folktales. Between the realm of fantasy and reality, it was always hard for her to tell the difference. Merida had such a strong heart in believing the impossible—too bad love wasn’t one of them. 

Merida grew up with a handful of friends, all with their own stories. They had their share of adventures and enemies, protecting what they held dear to them. They were divided by kingdom and lands, but had a connection that was bond forever by friendship—one boy in particular being Jack Frost. He had an influence on her like no other. Even to the point in challenging the odds in asking her to be his wife when they were small. How he even came to ask such a thing still muddled her thoughts. How did love even start—more or less—how does it even end? He wasn’t like ordinary boys. In fact, he was cursed with a tremendous power over ice and snow—similar to their friend Elsa who was born with it. It was clear to anyone that the two of them were meant to be together. The two of them were so different; while Elsa thought of her powers to be a curse, Jack relished it. Merida was convinced that her beauty, power, and overall cosmic nature were what attracted the boy.  

However, that was not the case during one faithful night during a thunderstorm like this one that he decided to propose. Granted, they were only children then, but his boyish grin looked so convinced and sure, that she had no other way in answering other than ‘No’. Within one second later, his smile had become a frown of disappointment. The memory of his face that evening still haunted her to this day. Now he was off spreading winter around the world, visiting their friends occasionally wherever he went. Hiccup and Rapunzel always waited to hear the places he’s been, while Elsa and Anna enjoyed his company when playing wintry games. Unbeknownst to them, Merida knew the kingdom of Arandelle was his favorite. Unlike the others that would be a day, he would stay there for about three. 

She sighed, already knowing the obvious of the reason why that was. It was predictable to say the least where his feelings were. It’s not like she didn’t expect it either. She always knew Jack would be drawn to Elsa’s charm—it was only a matter of time. Still, why did it hurt? She did after all deny his silly act of getting married for the fact that she saw this coming. Merida DunBroch didn’t do love or marriage, and she most certainly didn’t go off eloping with a mischievous winter sprite in her dreams. 

She scrunched her lips, forming a pout. It seemed like he was all she can think about lately. During their years growing up, he had made it a habit in testing her emotions. Even going as far in stripping naked in front of her one time to get a rise out of her—his voice clear inside her mind “Ah, so you do like boys”. Of course, she gave him a slap across the fact after that, but the damage he did was already done. After the occurrence, she had vivid and overwhelming wet dreams about him. It was obvious that was his goal, waking up several nights with him visiting with a huge grin on his face like he walked in on gold. 

It wasn’t until she brought up Elsa and making qualms to play his “games” with her that his face-hardened into a scowl. He then would make a snide remark about her and fly off into the night, swearing not to ever see her again. Even so, he always came back, offering for them to spend a day together instead as if the fight never happened. God, she hated when he did that. Why couldn’t he just leave her alone and be honest? It’s not like he had to tip toe around her feelings. So what was stopping him from abandoning her to go off with a woman like Elsa? 

A thunder struck across the sky, alerting her right away with a jolt. Angus nickered softly by her ear, giving her comfort while holding back his own distress from the storm. He didn’t like to ride during this type of weather, so it was best not to force him—though she was the same. She never expected it to rain today, considering how sunny it was this morning. Her bow was tucked beneath her cloak, seeking shelter from the downpour beneath a small cave of rocks. She embraced herself, feeling a slight chill in the air—that’s when she saw it.

A lone snowflake came across her vision, and in an instant, she was back to that moment ten years ago when Jack had proposed to her. Her face became crestfallen, hating herself for the feelings he invoked in her. It wasn’t like she hated Elsa, quite the opposite. She never meant to seem like she was bashing hers or Jack’s relationship either. They were quite beautiful together, even magnetic, drawing everyone’s attention instantly to fond over the pair. If he was next to a girl like her, there was only imperfection and deformity of a relationship that would never work. Honestly, she was saving him from the pain. In conclusion of the matter, he was good for any girl—just not her. 

She closed her eyes, reminiscing that faithful stormy evening. 

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I was thinking...

Anna passes from this outfit:

To this at Oaken’s:

But she leaves the castle without anything beside her cape and her horse:

Soooooo I was wondering how she paid her new clothes.

What’s the difference between these outfits, beside the different clothes?

Where’s the necklace?

So, not just she left the castle where she had spent her whole life to find her sister with nothing.
She probably sold her necklace to buy winter clothes and Krisoff’s items:

So… on your knees and love this girl!