kingdom hearts ventus

Seriously though, philosophy classes in the Kingdom Hearts universe must be very interesting.

(What is darkness, what is light, what is Kingdom Hearts, what is the X-blade, which comes first; darkness or negative traits and emotion, how can someone who has no darkness in their heart get mad or sad ie have negative emotions, the list goes on and on)

kara-knuckles  asked:

A very tin foil-y thought just hit me. It seems like everyone thinks Ven is either from pre-War time or sees this time in sleep, but... what if it is both? Personally, I've been thinking about Ven being in Luxu's box ever since I saw BC, and it suddenly occured to me that if he is, then in theory he can time travel to any time in between being put there and getting out of there. What if he was born pre-War, but experiences this time from the future?

……if Ven’s in that box I’m going to have a lethal grudge against all involved parties

ANYWAY, that’s an interesting thought; it would fulfill the requirement of needing to exist in the time that you wanted to jump back to. The only thing is that your heart has to abandon your body in order to time travel back, and while Ven’s heart is currently separate from his body, it’s still locked inside Sora, so that should (keyword: should, you never know in this series) prevent it from going anywhere.

But then there’s the possibility, as I mentioned prior, that Ven’s first coma (after Vanitas was taken from him) is when he goes back to KHUX somehow, which would explain his younger appearance… But again, in terms of literal time travel, he would have had to abandon his body, and the only way we know how to do that is as Apprentice Xehanort did, which was Keyblading himself to remove his heart and produce the Robed Figure, who then traveled back in time. And it seems as though Ven never went missing in the LoD during the time he was asleep; not to mention that even Xehanort didn’t know about time travel until he was Apprentice Xehanort, so it’s not common knowledge, which would call into question how Ven would know how to execute it (even if the MoM knew and told him, that seems kind of roundabout to send him to the future just to have him travel back…?). And if he did know, Ven still shouldn’t have had the power to remove even his own heart since he A) wasn’t at the master level at that time and B) almost certainly lacked the kind of will needed to do so (the same that Xehanort said Terra lacked) since he was so light-driven and, in Xehanort’s words, “frail” and “benign” during his apprenticeship.