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Well the 🎉Spotlight on Kingdom Hearts🎉 was definitely worth the watch to be honest. Tetsuya Nomura was being interviewed, a little more in-depth on KH Unchained X and KH3, explaining some of the new features and abilities that Sora can use (e.g the amusement ride weapons)

I personally feel that KH3 will most likely be released next year, it seems more possible espicially the DExpo23 happening in November and rumours about new KH news in August too so there’s that too… Anyway liked this image of Sora’s new outfit and appearance in this 3rd image, gonna try and draw it over the next few days…

Also was interesting that Nomura stated that Sora’s new outfit was inspired by his Kingdom Hearts 2 and Dream Drop Distance outfits!


I have no idea what this is but I’m kind of sobbing with a 1:24s video (WELL ITS KINGDOM HEARTS AFTER ALL)


If you have not seen this…. Well… you need to see it now and if you have seen it… just watch it again for fun.



Here’s a good way to catch up on the entire KH series.

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Kingdom Hearts finally and officially explained

Strange Magic FanFic - “Raiment”

There’s wedding talk, and then there’s her sister already presenting her with Queen of the Dark Forest attire. Marianne tries on Dawn’s gift, and Bog wonders if he’s dreaming…

Part 8 of the Strange Hearts & Wild Things Timeline! Basically yet another excuse for me to describe Fairy Fashion to my hearts content. Suffice to say, Bog’s come a long way since Vesture, a fact that Marianne is endlessly delighted by, almost as delighted as Bog is by what new, delightful discovery awaits him courtesy of Marianne and Fairy clothing.

This work has no explicit content to it, but just as a warning, after this, the Timeline is going to get progressively more intense… 

As always, I hope you enjoy! 

The package lay innocently on the mossy covers of Bog’s bed, bound with a tender green vine, utterly inconspicuous.

Marianne eyed it as one seizing up a foe, arching a brow at it shrewdly. There was no way to know what it contained, no way to know what she would be asked to face.

Unless she quit the dramatics and just opened the damn thing.

Marianne sighed. Oh, Dawn, what were you playing at?

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