kingdom hearts roleplay group

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PHOENIX DOWN is an open, story-driven FINAL FANTASY & KINGDOM HEARTS roleplay group which uses an automated EXP system that rewards members by contributing — turning your writing experience into an interactive one! Join a faction, earn EXP & Abilities through quests, and decimate your foes! Story outcomes are mutable — after all, there’s more than one way to find a solution to a challenge.

Awaken, Champion.

You are reborn; granted a world anew — Enter Etheria.

Humanity, for millennia, has trod this earth with fate untouched by the bidding of gods. Over time, they’ve forgotten the progenitor of this peace — this freedom from intervention, granted by the divine. And so, the lavish wants of men has begat a beast set to jeopardize the world with the threat of oblivion. Karma’s Wyrm has descended with a voracious hunger, consuming the world’s territories with darkness, twisting all within its dark veil.

But not all is lost.

Even now, the gods grace humanity with the power of magic. And you, Champion, seek to defend your precious home, combining forces with those whom share your zeal to combat this threat. Thus, the Grand Order was born, consisting of three factions — SAINA, NOVA, and ANIMA. Their aim is to reclaim their paradise.