kingdom hearts ii final mix


So I was watching my friend Riordan playing Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix last night. He was wiped out during a boss fight and had the option to get Mickey’s help—but he chose to restart the fight instead.

 Which got me thinking… Imagine you’re Mickey Mouse and for whatever reason you happen upon a climactic battle between your anime protag friend and a cheap tough enemy. You’re waiting for your chance to make the most dramatic entrance possible an opening to strike… only for your friend to lose the will to live and quit life—more likely than not out of spite.

anonymous asked:

Retractible cape Terra?

Okay so in Kingdom Hearts II final mix the Lingering Will had a cape

He also had it in the secret ending of II

However when Birth by Sleep came along he had no cape

People noticed and started making jokes that Terra spent 10 years knitting a cape

So when 2.5 came along they did this

So yes Terra’s Retractable Cape of Preserving Continuity