kingdom hearts height

That kh scarf from Loot for Her is great n all but ur gonna need to huddle p close if ur gonna fit two people in that thing. (lol)

I started the sketch for this while I was on death’s door with the stomach flu and it kept me alive

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so i literally just spent an hour doing the maths of each of their heights, and i thought i would share.

{organisation xiii:}

  1. xemnas: 193.7
  2. xigbar: 185.09
  3. xaldin: 197.39
  4. vexen: 197.35 (because xaldin’s head is slightly above the increment line. vexen will be slightly shorter.)
  5. lexeaeus: 205.17
  6. zexion: 182.22
  7. saix: 187.1 (because saix’s hair makes up for some of his height.)
  8. axel: 187.96
  9. demyx: 184.68
  10. luxord: 187.14
  11. marluxia: 190.42
  12. larxene: 176.49
  13. roxas: 162.56
  14. xion: 162.52 (she is not on the chart, but she is about the same height as roxas. i made her a bit shorter taking that anatomically females are shorter than males.)


  • sora: 162.56 (because he would be the same height as roxas)
  • riku: 175.26

i also have a rough sketch on their ages as well based on commentary from developers and other kh fans.

{organisation xiii:}

  1. xemnas: 26
  2. xigbar: 47
  3. xaldin: 50
  4. vexen: 54
  5. lexeaeus: 40
  6. zexion: 17
  7. saix: 25 (changed due to a comment by lea on bbs observations)
  8. axel: 24 
  9. demyx: 19
  10. luxord: 35
  11. marluxia: 25
  12. larxene: 20
  13. roxas: 15
  14. xion: 15 (same age as roxas)


  • sora: 15 (same age as roxas.)
  • kairi: 15 
  • riku: 16 

i literally ignore my homework 2345678909% of the time, and spend my time doing shit like this.

like why do i know axel is a french name meaning defender (feminine equivalent ‘axelle’), but it’s origin is scandavian and german. *


someone show me how to be productive.


Uh-oh, someone introduced the Pines twins to Kingdom Hearts

celestialwolf and I determined that Mabel would be ALL OVER the games– fangirling it up –making her own KH sweaters and painting Heartless symbols on her nails… Then Dipper, dear precious Dipper, he would be the one softly crying at night, under the sheets, about Ventus and Roxas and well… everyone.

Also, Mabel would draw all the crossovers– like Ventus meeting Razer: “Mabel… they’re not even in the same canonical universe.” “SHUSH, DIPPER. THEY FOUND A NEW WORLD BY COMBINING AYA WITH THE GUMMI SHIP, DOI.”