kingdom hearts confessions

I’m so happy that Kingdom Hearts exists. I’m a huge Disney fan so being able to go on a journey and visit worlds that I’ve seen in the animated movies is so satisfying. But not only that, the music is phenomenal and I’ve always admired how Yoko Shimomura always manages to come up with themes that fits each world perfectly. I can hardly wait for Kingdom Hearts 3!


Passing Along A Message, by @amatusvanitas.  (Though you should also check out Sleeping to Dream, which comes first.)

“A dream of you, in a world without you… I want to line the pieces up, yours and mine.”  In which Riku’s sure he’s forgotten something important, but can’t even remember his dreams, much less the girl that keeps appearing in them.

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I never play any of the Kingdom Hearts games, so I do not know much about it. But it baffles me that Alice is a PoH. She is shown to be rather impatient. Belle & Jasmine have rebellious sides, so their status as PoH also baffles me. Even Cinderella as a PoH makes me scratch my head. She tried to hit Lucifer with a broom since he made the floor dirty. The only ones I can see as a PoH are Snow White & Aurora.

Pearl reminds me very much of Master Aqua (from kingdom hearts) and in more than just the swordswoman kind of way. They’re both very nurturing and caring and most of my headcanons about Aqua’s everyday lifestyle (mommying Ven, ballet, keeping the temple clean) line up with pearl almost perfectly. Now if only I could find a Terra and Ventus gem!

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