kingdom hearts chi gifs

Thank you for 3 remarkable years, KHχ. Even though Unchained has come to overshadow you, none of us will ever forget all that you’ve done. Without you, I’m certain I wouldn’t have become as close to some of my friends as I am today, wouldn’t have met all the wonderful people I now call friends. You are the one who first introduced us to the wonderful story of χ, and all of its lovable characters. You are the one who gave birth to this amazing community in the KH fandom. We may have moaned and groaned at the idea a CoM-esque MMO when you were first announced, but you turned out to be so much more than that. And for that, I’m thankful.

Thank you, for all the memories we’ve made through you; for all the fun times you’ve given us; for all the conversations and friendships you started. You will always be held close to our heart. Thank you KHχ, and farewell.