kingdom hearts birth by sleep

if i have any followers who want to get into kh but don’t have the money or dedication to sit down and buy/play all of the games and corresponding consoles, everglow on youtube has playthroughs (without commentary) of every game*!! please read the description for any you decide to watch bc he clarifies why he does some things (especially read for the BBS PSP playthrough!!) but this is massively helpful oh my god ?????

he also uploaded the fully re-orchestrated kingdom hearts HD 1.5 remix OST and the kingdom hearts HD 2.5 remix OST.

*the only games he does not have playthroughs of are the original GBA chain of memories and NA’s unchained χ [chi].

updated: 8/26/2016


Photos of my Aqua cosplay that I wore to Katsucon 2016! This costume was probably the most convoluted costume that I’ve made so far, even though it was not the hardest. Like every Final Fantasy or Kingdom Hearts character, there always have to be superfluous garments everywhere lol Nonetheless it was super fun to make!

The keyblade was done mostly by my dad. My skills in cutting, sanding, and painting are literally like -5000 so XD 

First two images are by Cassimonee Photography (x) [bless her heart for going outside with me in 18 degree weather with ridiculous wind to get those great shots], the last three are by BitterSweet Photography (x).

My cosplay page (x)