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palizinhas replied to your post “I don’t hate Xion at all, I think she’s sweet, but damn, I would trade…”

Naminé and Roxas never met before KH2. She says that in their first scene together. Roxas and DiZ could have been interesting tho.

Alice Madness Stained glass by Sariibubblecat

So here a crossover I made between Alice: Madness Returns and Kingdom Hearts,i love them both so much, so this was inevitable!

The Ladies of Kingdom Hearts

*Aqua: The Keyblade Master
*Namine: Kairi’s Nobody/Witch of Memories
*Kairi: Princess of Heart/Keyblade Wielder
*Xion: Sora’s Replica/Organization XIII member (#XIV)

Who’s your favorite? Personally mine is Xion. She had the most dramatic and heart breaking story out of the four and honestly, I hope she makes a return in KH3…. 358/2 days was beyond devastating towards the end considering it was just meant to explain Roxas’ perspective leading to Kingdom Hearts 2. I wonder how Square Enix will bring her back and what her role will be..?

You know, with the release of Moana and the per-usual fanart of the characters interacting with Sora or whoever, I’m really now only getting pissed off at this concept happening everytime there’s a Disney based movie coming out and people clamouring, “This is how this could work in Kingdom Hearts”, “I really want this in Kingdom Hearts 3″, “Can you imagine X character messing around with Sora”.

I think what gets me the most is how rarely (if at all) people try to be realistic and aim for a future KH game, it’s like, does it have to be Kingdom Hearts 3 every damn time and I guess it’s partly the presumption that every new movie is going to make it into a Kingdom Hearts game (or every new franchise when it came to the Marvel universe and Star Wars) and that just means one more obscure Disney movie being forgotten or abandoned in favour of whatever just came out (I still hope for a Great Mouse Detective world somewhere along the line).

I get being excited at the prospects of how the characters would interact with a certain world (look to a previous post I made regarding Zootopia) but you can only see so much fanart and theories and wishing before you just get annoyed by it and with every new movie comes new fanart and wishing all over again and it’s like, can we get through the key Disney movies from the past before dealing with the new ones because we still haven’t seen a Jungle Book world or even stuff based on their older shows like Rescue Rangers or Talespin because honestly, I’d rather have that than Sora interacting with whatever princess we have now and how they can be snarky together.

Just to be sure, I’m not saying the fanart annoys me as a concept, I actually like a lot of it but moderation is key here.

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The kingdom hearts 3 news I believe was delayed thanks to the final fantasy xv delay

Really? I know that 2.8 was delayed which was supposed to come out in December as well and it is now coming out in January. But I didn’t hear anything about the actual KH 3 news. I mean I wouldn’t be surprised, but still i’d like to hope we don’t have to wait until January to see kh 3 news in KH 2.8

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I never got the chance to play 358/2 days on the DS, but I did watch it on youtube. And Xion is one of my favourite characters by just how tragic she is. But yeah, talking about the cutscenes in 1.5 I would've changed some of the million ice cream scenes for other stuff. I was really hoping to see Roxas interact with ALL Organization members but nope

They missed some really choice scenes but time constraints due to having to recreate Kh final mix from the ground up. 

Admittedly he doesn’t interact a ton with the other members in the original either. 

Also prior to 1.5 coming out the fandom joke about the movie being only ice cream scenes…and then it was mostly ice cream scenes -_-.