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iceepsy  asked:

Also, any headcanons on what their rooms look like? I like the idea of Invi's room covered with plants. Including carnivorous plants. She names all of them.

@iceepsy i hadn’t thought about it but now that I have, I can not stop

  • I /LOVE/ the idea of Invi’s room being covered in plants.  it’s probably really sunny, got a bunch of windows on one side, but she has a darker corner for the plants that need shade.  I mean, sure, having the window open all the time invites bugs in, but she doesn’t mind, and honestly likes the fresh air better.  It always smells earthy in there.
  • But she manages to keep her room clean enough to hold a bunch of books–I bet she’s got a comfy reading corner.  and i bet the others visit her room, since it’s one of the most welcoming, and Invi kind of relaxes in there–she tries to have the door open most of the time
  • Ira’s room is probably a virtual library, kinda stuffy because he gets so involved in things that he’s just like “what do you mean it’s hot in here?” but I’m sure he has lots of knick-knacks, lots of magic items that just kind of lie around–and unlike in Master’s study, none of them are dangerous, to Luxu and Gula’s disappointment.
  • I bet he’s got a small bed, because his room is so crammed with books, but it’s super comfy.  I can’t see him having many pictures, but maybe one or two–of the foretellers, a group shot or two.  The rest of his wallspace is filled up by newspaper clippings and research he’s doing. (but i could use more suggestions for what his room is like, i can’t picture it that well)
  • Aced’s room–i want it to be almost utilitarian but then I realized, no, his bedroom is OVERFLOWING WITH THINGS, it’s his study/office for Ursus that is super bare. 
  • So i don’t think it’s messy, not necessarily–there’s order, there’s a place for everything; there’s just a lot of it.  Books, photos, knick-knacks like necklaces, souvenirs, and weapons.  I’m sure he’s got a small stash of knives and stuff, not that he uses them necessarily, but I bet he can use a lot of different weapons.  He’s got stuff everywhere–the bed, when he’s not sleeping on it, is where his clothes go.  he’s got spare masks in the closet.  extra cloaks.  a backup for everything (he hopes).
  • But the windows are always open, because he likes the breeze, I bet he used to have curtains but the flapping they made in the wind bugged him so he tore them down. and you can see really far–he likes to sit there and think, sometimes journal, but mostly just disconnect, watch the sky.  Ava sometimes joins him there, and he’ll move those cool-looking rocks to give her a place to sit.  
  • speaking of ava
  • AVA! her room must be bright.  like, impossibly bright.  lots of lamps, the curtains thrown wide open. the comfiest bed you’ve ever seen.  a lot of keepsakes, lots of letters and photos.
  • she’s got a lot of chairs in there, because she invites people in all the time.  a lot of impromptu meetings with her Keykids used to happen in there, but she decided eventually that it was too casual to do it there (I feel like she tried to become more mature, distance herself more from her Union members, after Master left, for a lot of reasons).  she’s probably got a small animal bed for all the strays she brings in to nurse back to health. mostly yellow, I’m thinking. she leaves her curtains open all night so that in the morning, her room lights up with the dawn
  • Gula’s room is probably up on a tower because he wanted to feel tall when he looked out the window.
  • His room is kinda dark, but that’s just because it’s his safe space.  he does open the curtains a lot, but just doesn’t keep the door open, kinda hides there when he wants to be alone.  he totally stole one of the really comfy chairs from the library and curls up there in his room a lot.
  • he’s got lots of magic books, even though he can’t read super quickly, and magic items–what’re they for, aced asks, probably weekly. you’ll see, Gula replies, in his I’m-not-planning-anything voice–and i bet there’s shiny stuff in the corners.  they’re probably his.  probably.
  • and luxu, my son!! okay so i do headcanon him as a pyromaniac but-BUT!–he keeps his room nice and neat.  no explosives allowed.  he keeps all those in another room because he doesn’t want anything to happen to his stuff.  I bet he has a ready-to-go bag with essentials, he’s so used to Master dragging him off in the middle of the night to not have one.  a good portion of fiction books, some history.
  • he doesn’t spend a whole lot of time in his room, unlike Gula, who lives in his, but he does go up there to relax–dude, he totally has some pretty flowers on the windowsill, he takes religious care of them, asks invi for advice on keeping them healthy.  probably meditates in there fairly often, ira joins him sometimes, invi, if she’s in the mood, will come too
  • and i was gonna end this there b/c it’s already long enough but then i thought!
  • Master of Masters!
  • his room is big.  and mysterious.
  • or so everybody thinks, til they get to know him, then they realize that that magical-looking-object is actually just his third attempt at a shrinkable gummi ship, and that creepy statue was actually just him accidentally turning a heartless to stone one time because it hurt ira, and that glowing stone is something he found on the street.  he can’t get it to stop glowing.  he doesn’t know why
  • that pink liquid tho? yeah, that’s actually a potion that will turn you into a mouse.  don’t touch it.
  • a really big bed with drapes, all royal looking, til you realize that the wall behind it is PLASTERED with photos of his apprentices
  • and to engage in a headcanon i’m sure i’ll write into a meta later, his room is SUPER messy.  all the time.  he loses track of things ALL the time, stuff is on the floor, dirty black coats hanging on the backs of chairs, books scattered on the desk, no semblance of order.  he won’t let Aced clean it tho.

THIS WAS AWESOME THANK YOU FOR ASKING ME YU, I LOVED THIS!  what are your other thoughts on their rooms?

  • Kingdom Hearts: "I've been having these weird thoughts is any of this for real or not?"
  • Kingdom Hearts 2: "A scattered dream that's like a far-off memory. A far-off memory that's like a scattered dream. I wanna line the pieces up - yours and mine."
  • Kingdom Hearts 3: "Don't assume your dreams are just fantasy. If you can imagine a world, believe in it...and dive in."