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“Why do I get the feeling you knew I would say that?”

“I didn’t know. I hoped.” 

Day 4: Favorite Happy Scene: favorite babies righting their wrongs yanno ;~; plz click pics

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How old is King Mickey?

Is he 35? 40? He must be around this age to be fit with the timeline in Birth By Sleep. Unless he got this around the same age as the way finder trio. That would make him 18 in BBS, but then in KH 1 he would be 28? He doesn’t seem to be 28- Mickey acts older. But 40 seems too old-



naminé appreciation week

↳ day 4 - favorite happy scene

“Yeah… I really liked it when you used to smile. Of course, that was really only in my fake memories. But what I’m feeling now definitely isn’t fake. It’s real.”

Thank you very much <3 I’m very happy you support my art. I would have no problem explaining, but I decided to show you as well since it might be easier. 

I always start out with his fringe. The part that’s all around his face and over his ears. Then I draw the right side which is flat, and then those “puppies” (I don’t know what else to call them) around his neck, those little sections of hair that stick out. Then, watch the direction of the rest of his hair.It starts at the middle over the fringe and sort of swirls to the left.

So start from there, and continue with the big spike at 10 o’ clock. That’s the part that goes the highest. Once you get that down, the rest is easy.

NOW GIVE HIM A FACE. If you prefer to draw him in an ¾ angle, you can always reference the official artwork from Mr. Nomura. The 1.5 and 2.5 Remix cover arts are excellent examples. Hope that was at least a little helpful! <3

9meme2020 asked:

OK sorry I have a other one~ with jungkook please when noona foreign girlfriend not answering her phone because she to busy playing kingdom heart (yes I love that game series a lot) and he comes worried but get mad after seeing cute funny ending

“God!” You screeched as Sora died again, moaning pathetically. “Stupid Sora…” You grumbled. ‘Try Again?’ the game asked and you wanted to scream. “Yes, try again!” You pushed the ‘X’ button and scowled at the little scene that played before the fight. You repeated verbatim what the characters were saying. You had watched this scene enough.

            The boss battle began and you focused in on what was happening. Meanwhile, you heard the familiar chirping of your phone. You glanced over and read who was calling. But before you could finish reading the hangul, Sora took a big hit on the screen and you went back to focusing. Your phone rang again and you shot your arm out to press the answer button. “Hello?” You yelled, fumbling to one-hand the controller.

            “Mhmmmhmm!” The voice coming from the phone was muffled because you didn’t have it on speaker. You slapped your fingers on the ‘speakerphone’ button.

            “Hello!?” You shouted as Sora took another hit. His little life meter was looking sad. “Shit!” You swore. You couldn’t play this boss again, you were gonna lose it

            “Babe?” Your boyfriend’s voice shouted through the phone sounding concerned.

            “Jungkook?” You replied, reaching out for your phone. As you did, Sora died once again. “Nooo!” You screeched and at the same time you accidentally hit the ‘end call’ button. Whoops. Well, he’d call back if it was important. You pressed the ‘try again’ button for the 100th time that night.

            An hour later or so, there was a loud pounding on your door. Figuring it was just a salesperson, you ignored it. Moments later, the door was kicked in and there behind it stood your boyfriend. “Are you okay!?” Jungkook asked, panting.

            You looked from him to the door and back to Jungkook. “I’m…fine. Are you okay?” You asked.

            He ran into the apartment and looked at your screen. “You were…yelling. And…you screamed. And you’re not in danger?” He asked, his tone rising as he got angrier.

            You looked at him sheepishly. “Sorry?” You offered. Jungkook rolled his eyes and flopped down next to you.

            “And you’re the older one?” He said, full of skepticism.

            You shrugged. “I take Kingdom Hearts very seriously.” You said, holding out the controller. “Wanna give it a try?” Jungkook shook his head, unable to stay mad at you for very long. You handed him the controller and rested your head on his shoulder, simultaneously hoping that he beat the boss, and didn’t beat the boss.


<3 <3

Since I began playing the Kingdom Hearts series, I have been faced with many terrible things. Multiple kidnappings, multiple cases of amnesia, major characters falling into comas that can sometimes last for decades, people being transformed into soulless beings of darkness (which I then have to kill), attempted child murder, people stealing other peoples bodies, people being so throughly destroyed that they literally never existed to start with, major characters being divided into two seperate, sentient beings one of whom must be sacrificed so the other can continue to exist…

But nothing, and I mean NOTHING, has been more horrifing than having to witness Donald Duck performing musical numbers

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I think the reason for the doppelganger stuff is because Ven's heart was sleeping inside of Sora, and that when he released his heart for Kairi, one can assume that Ven's heart was released as well. But instead of Ven's heart returning to his body, it kinda somehow turned into the nobody Roxas via magical KH bullcrap. Probably because Ventus' heart was unable to find his body for whatever reason, what with being locked away in Castle Oblivion and all.

Well, canonically, yes, you’ve got the basic gist of it.

My point, though, was that this entire plot point was uncalled for and mostly only serves to confuse people. The writers dug themselves into a massive hole with stories like this one, and the players are the ones who end up lost.