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I have a question about Unchained. How am I supposed to use the Magic Mirror medals? I have a bunch and I don't know what they're supposed to be used for but they don't meld with anything

You can only use them on guilted medals.

- Mod M.


And if you don’t know what that means…

When you fuse two of the exact same medal together, the end result is a more powerful version of that same medal.

For example: If I have two LV6 Soras, and I fuse them, I get a LV6 Sora with a golden dot next to it. The golden dot shows that it’s been powered up.

Fuse another LV6 Sora into it, and now you’ll have two golden dots.

Fuse a third, and now you have three.

Then four.

Then five.

On the sixth time, you unlock an extra bonus on top of all that – a multiplier on that medal’s special attack, so from that point onward, every time you do that medal’s special attack, it’ll do 25% more damage.

Or 33% more damage.

Or 47% more damage.

Or 64% more damage.

Or whatever the case may be.

It varies from medal to medal.

In the Japanese version, this multiplier is called “Guilt.” In the English version, they just call it “Special Attack Bonus,” which…doesn’t really convey the idea that you have to do something very specific, all this fusing, before you can access that bonus. It’s kind of a screwed-up localization that way.

But what the Magic Mirror does is raise whatever multiplier you happen to have on that medal by one point. So, for example, 25% becomes 26%.

If the Magic Mirror isn’t fusing with anything you have, then that’s just because none of your medals have been guilted yet.

- Mod A.