kingdom hearts 2

Summarizing the KH Games
  • KH1:yay meet your favorite Disney characters and fight bad guys with a key!
  • CoM:it's time to d-d-d-d-d-duel!
  • KH2:this used to be about fighting alongside Disney characters wtf is this game doing to me
  • coded:ugh finally i can found out what that letter says
  • 358/2:are there any other Sora's i should know about?
  • BBS:oh NOW it makes sense!
  • DDD:what inception would be like in the KH universe
  • KH3:time to fuck shit up and kill an old man

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Day 10 – Favorite Original Disney Character

• Tron (First Appearance in Space Paranoids, Kingdom Hearts II)

The one Disney character that made me tear up a bit during KH2 and 3D. What I liked most about this Tron from Kingdom Hearts is how his character actually “develops” in the game. I’ve never seen the movie, “Tron,” but if they did the same method of development they did in the movie here, that’s what I liked most about him. Every other Disney character felt “scripted,” as they are supposedly trying to stay to their own character from the movie, but I want to see more of “Tron’s character development” within Disney characters that are appearing in Kingdom Hearts 3. Who couldn’t love this computer dork?