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Hey guys I’m not reuploading this its just I moved to a new YouTube channel so I had to move this video from the IGN Wiki’s to a new…location?

So, pretty easy secret (and famous) boss Sephiroth in KH Remix/ Kingdom Hearts Final Mix.

Level: 55 or up (recommended)

AP Abilities: NEED: Leaf Bracer, MP Haste (multiple), Second Chance 

Don’t put: Vortex and Sliding Dash and Leaping…I forget name. 

The reason is because these attacks take TOO MUCH FRAMERATE and you most likely will be hit. Also, Sephiroth is invunlerable when he is airborne so…yeah.

Seph-1st form: Standard ground attacks: Slash and Leaping Slash. First slash is easiest to dodge, if you time it correctly you can lock on to his location when he telports

Seph 2nd form- Dash attacks and magic added. Don’t ever EVER let him finish his spell, otherwise you will have 1 HP and 0MP (carry elixirs if not good at stopping him). Secret to avoiding hits during constant sprint or combo (HEAL IN AIR WITH LEAFBRACER) the ground might not work cause takes longer

3rd form- Glows, leaves trail of “bombs” and has Meteor attack. He is the same just faster and longer attacks, as well as that trial of exploding magic. Don’t circle him, encounter straight up. Meteor he is invulnerable, dodge roll between space and Heal during impact.

Other questions I will help.

Ice Titan will be out soon [this week] and reupload of MF fight

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