kingdom hearts

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─── a chill video game mix for breaks and low energy days

01. daybreak town - kingdom hearts unchained χ // 02. azalea town - pokémon gsc // 03. chao garden (hero ver.) - sonic adventure 2 battle // 04. spring (wild horseradish jam) - stardew valley // 05. time - persona 3 portable // 06. overture - stardew valley // 07. home sweet home - mother 2/earthbound // 08. zelda’s lullaby - the legend of zelda: skyward sword // 09. pokémon center on birthday! - pokémon xy // 10. eight melodies (in your deepest memories) - mother 2/earthbound // 11. home - undertale // 12. gentle rain - mother 3 // 13. respite - undertale // 14. dearly beloved -  kingdom hearts unchained χ

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one thing i will always love about the kingdom hearts series is that at the beginning we’re introduced to Sora, Riku and Kairi

Riku wants to explore other worlds to find some kind of purpose and meaning in his existence

Kairi wants to try and find the world she came from, the past she can’t remember

Sora wants to go on vacation

like he is literally the universe’s biggest tourist


Since @aizy-boy hasn’t drawn a Vanitas and Ventus fusion yet, I’ve decided to, for their beautiful SUxKH crossover~ What do you mean he looks like a cross between Ventus from the game and Hikari haha.

I find it funny that even if Vanitas replaces Connie, he’s probably still a jerk, and Ventus is probably the only person who just doesn’t see it and is friends with him anyways.

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I have many questions about the Mansion in Twilight Town. Like have we talked about the drawing that Roxas has to complete in order to get the floor to disappear. He draws Sora’s crown in a circle that two other circles have a heartless symbol and a nobody symbol. Like what does that mean?? I mean yes we can get the obvious, Sora is the crown, his heartless was the heartless and Roxas is the nobody and that makes Sora. But I feel like there is something else to that. Idk