kingdom heartbreak

It’s heavily implied that Roxas had to choose to give his existence back to Sora in order for him to wake up. Which only makes Naminé’s and DiZ’s actions all the more reasonable.

At first, Naminé tries to persuade Roxas that he’d be doing it for the greater good. That Sora will be there to help others again.

But when he still continues to question why it’s so important that Sora wakes up, she tries to guilt him into doing it. She says he’s incomplete and needs Roxas, like he’s damaged and Roxas is the only one that can fix him. 

When that fails, she implies that Nobodies need other people to be whole and that Roxas will be complete if he gives himself to Sora. And she’s starting to sound really desperate at this point.

And Naminé’s outburst still doesn’t do quite the trick. Roxas is still fighting to be his own person. So DiZ needs to step in and only further demote the child. He further spews on about how Roxas resides in Darkness, an unimportant fraction of something much greater, someone who was used and was about to be cast aside for a better tool. 

Roxas continues to tell himself and screams about how his heart is his own. How he doesn’t need to go back to Sora. He has to TELL HIMSELF that he is his own person. And by Dream Drop Distance, it doesn’t look like he believed it.

They made him believe he wasn’t meant to exist, that he couldn’t be his own person. They broke down Roxas enough that he lost his will to live.

“She told me to look at the moon whenever I miss her a lot, last night I gazed at the sky to have a word with him. I made confessions all the night for all the feelings about her that I caught…”


This silence;
uncomfortable and unbearable.
Haunts me from in and out.
This heart of mine;
shattered and battered.
Cries of pain and agony
grows stronger and deeper.
Crushed. Devastated. Anguished.
Yes,it hurts.
I promised myself I would never fall in love with you.
But it was 4am, and we were laughing way to hard,
And I felt happy for the first time in a long time,
And I knew I was screwed.

Somedays I’m the calm and soothing ocean and the rest I’m just a raging wave worn across the shore.

( via Poetryandthemoon )

You are a rare commodity
Something so pure and delicate
Should be placed on a throne of hearts that never shatter
—  E.M

what is the world coming to? 💔 my heart goes out to everyone who has been affected in Manchester, I can’t believe this has actually happened and in my hometown as well 💔💔💔

Meri zindagi ek band kitaab hai,
Jisse kabhi kisi ne khola nahi;

Jisne khola, usne parha nahi,
Jisne parha, usne samjha nahi;

Aur jo samjh paaya, woh kabhi mila hi nahi.


Nina wished Colm Fahey could march over to Jan Van Eck’s office and tell him to give Inej back or get a mouth full of knuckles. She wished someone in this city would help them, that they weren’t so alone. She wished Jesper’s father could take them all with him. She’s never been to Novyi Zem, but the longing for those golden fields felt just like homesickness.


So I haven’t seen much about it which just shocks me a lot. But it completely cleaved my heart in a million pieces because Maeve made Cairn whip Aelin. And Aelin, the stubborn, wonderful Fireheart we know and love, did not count. She wouldn’t do it. But, she bowed before Maeve, and Aelin swore she’d bow for no one or nothing. And the iron. The shackles. To know that Aelin did everything for Terrasen and now she’s again in shackles, whipped, and powerless and thousands of miles from her mate, her cousin, her friends, her kingdom is just heartbreaking. I completely sobbed reading that chapter. Was it hard for anyone else?