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Fallen kingdom au ideas?? (The people that are left from a kingdom that fell apart)

  • Character A is a member of royalty that needed to flee when their kingdom was overrun. Alone and afraid, Character A gets picked up by a group of traveling merchants. Character B is annoyed by Character A’s lack of skills, but they take it upon themself to try to help Character A, at least until they reach the next town.
  • “I dunno, I’ve been livin’ in the abandon palace for a while now. There’s nothing here to rob, if that’s what you’re looking for.” AU
  • Character A used to work in the palace, but that was before everything got cursed and went to hell. Managing to smuggle some goods out, Character A has been selling their wares and trying to get as far from that cursed kingdom as they can…until one day when they find Character B, one of the ex-members of royalty, living on the streets. 
  • In the aftermath of the fallen kingdom, friends Character A and Character B packed up their bags and began to search for a new (better) place to live. Unfortunately, other towns aren’t in the mood to take on people from a fallen kingdom.
  • “From what I heard, an angry fairy put a curse on the kingdom, which is why all the crops and people started dying and why we needed to move, but that might just be a rumor.” AU
  • While exploring, Character A accidentally stumbles across the remains of an abandoned castle. Picking their way through the overgrown grass and toppled stones, Character A is able to find a way inside, which is where they find Character B, an ex-member of royalty, still living there.
Dream Sweet in Sea Major fluff Friday

Here’s another fic I’ll never finish inspired by the song Dream Sweet in Sea Major and a little bit of Kingdom of Monsters. MizuSakura (cause it has to be a harem with me.)

She hadn’t meant to swim so close, but man’s world was a lure in her throat she couldn’t pull free from. She was weak to it’s thrilling call, seductive and mysterious with lights and smells and sights. But, just like a lure, it proved to be her doom.

It was in the harbor she came back to consciousness, naked in the mess of open bodies, left cold from the night. The net she had been left to dry in was slashed in parts, but her new ankles stayed tangled in the twine, leaving her half in and half out. Moving felt like dying, ever shift of her new legs was against invisible knives, but Sakura moved to free herself from the knots before whatever came to feed on the fishermen came back for her.

Nothing simple had open the bodies like ripe oranges. They had been peeled open with long claws and savage jaws. It was their own fault for fishing horrors out of the deep. More than one tank had been smashed and drained back into the sea. There were two other nets that had been heavy with body when she had been first brought into the wherehouse over the docks, but they now hung empty.

The last tug around her ankle came undone and Sakura fell the three feet to land in a damp clump on the stained floorboards. She smelled of brine, but now there was blood in her long pink hair she could inhale the scent of. Maybe it was supposed to be disgusting, but it was a smell from the world of man’s world and she was a babe to it.  

Sakura stood, cried silently, and walked to the nearest crate, away from the hole in the floor that led back to the waves. It was pain to move on legs, but she knew the transition back would be just as painful and ten times more emotionally draining. She finally had a chance on land, she wanted to take it.

There was a room off to the side decorated with fish plaques and posters. It was a sort of waiting room for workers. She saw the lewd books left behind and the ash tray for cigarettes. There were lockers too, just like the ones sunk in ships. She reached for one but it refused to pry open. Gripping again, she thought about the strength she needed and yanked hard. The metal came apart on a whine, tearing off its hinges.  Inside there were work shoes, too big, trousers, also too big, and a pair of white teeshirts.

She ripped apart the other two lockers before finding something sparkling in the last one. She pulled it out and laid it over her naked chest. It was a sequined costume. She looked up and saw a woman wearing something similar, kicking high in the air and smiling wide. It was the only thing that would fit her, but that didn’t matter because it sparkled. Sakura pried it open and dragged it over her body, wincing when her legs moved into the holes made for them.

It took time, but after a while she stood again, swaying only slightly, and moved on. She saw her reflection in the glass of a window and smiled, stretching her mouth wide to match the woman in the poster’s expression. It wasn’t quite right and she couldn’t exactly pin down why.

‘I don’t know enough,’ she thought to herself, turning away from the glass and searching for a body. There were plenty left behind from the mess, but she didn’t know how useful their bits would be. The dying always had more to glean than the dead.

There was a man torn open close to the work room that Sakura sat down next to. She pulled his head onto her lap and sighed before bending over his dead expression and inhaling what was left of his evanescence. As she expected, it came out thin and weak, but at least there was something for her to swallow. She sucked the white ghost of his knowing down, seeing his sights, hearing his thoughts, feeling his past. She got fragments, but it was enough to learn from.

Sakura drank the knowing from two other men until she had to stop at one and wrinkle up her nose at what he discovered. She was wearing a whore’s costume-one that belonged to a girl the dead man apparently hired on the regular. It made her peel off the garment’s sparkling top and ripped away what was left of the costume. Sakura learned the meaning of burlesque and wine. She saw faces too, important faces.

There was too much to learn. The more she drank from the bodies the more questions she was filled with. She saw speakeasies and fire, she saw monsters and war. She saw a demon or god, standing above it all and laughing at the ants that ran and killed for his amusement. She saw ages. She saw time pass. She saw the gods pass on, his chaos growing in his absence.

Killjoy used to be called something else, but even before the cull of man and rise of monsters, it had always been a cesspool for sin. It had always been a place of adventure and fright.

“That’s what they were doing here,” Sakura said aloud, only to wince at the feel of blood in her throat. Ow. It hurt to speak, she had forgotten that.

The wars raged on between different factions. This particular faction hoped to capture something ancient and powerful to tip the scales in their favor. Whatever they had drudged up was too powerful to be tamed. Sakura counted eight dead bodies, including the one on her lap.

If Sakura stayed she would only get caught up in the chaos of Killjoy’s turf wars. It would be hard to avoid it, seeing as how the town fell to monsters decades ago.

“Damn, I can smell it from here.”

Sakura looked up sharply, hearing the voice that clearly wasn’t dead. There was someone still alive in the facility, or maybe they were just finally coming into the warehouse.

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Knight and Prince/Princess AU?! :)

  • As kids, Character A swore to protect Character B from danger, and now that they’re grown up, Character A serves as Character B’s loyal knight and bodyguard. But when Character B is arranged to marry another royal from a different kingdom, Character A isn’t sure what to do with all their unsaid feelings.
  • “I understand that you’re here to keep me safe, but really! I don’t need an escort when I’m walking to get a glass of water at night! Geeze!” AU
  • Character B is a knight that’s been tasked with protecting Character A, a member of royalty, as Character A travels to a nearby kingdom. When the group is attacked by bandits, Character B is shocked to learn that Character A is a masterful fighter.
  • After an attempted assassination, Character A is a commoner that is a decoy for the royal prince/princess. Dressed up in royal robes and attending public meetings, Character A quickly becomes friends with their new bodyguard/knight, Character B, who helps Character A understand their new role.
  • “If you think that I’m helpless, then how about you teach me to fight?” AU
  • Character A is a knight that absolutely hates their job. The only highlight of their day is getting to talk to Character B, a royal that likes to talk to Character A about their dreams of running away. One night, Character A is roughly awaken by Character B, who is whispering: “c’mon, I’m leaving tonight!”

Sharing my drawing’s of Rarity & PinkiePie & AppleJack in a KH style! ;)

well i try my best to design the clohtes like EquestriaGirls clothes to kh?….hmmm i got it….lol sorry the colors are lame, ikr XP

also the keyblade,rarity’s was reference on Aqua’s, pinkie was ref on somewhere in the internet keyblade D.s., Applejack well i guess on terra’s~ (*w*)”  hope you bro’s liked it ^^


Happily Every After Fireworks by John Mulhearn
Via Flickr:
The Happily Ever After Fireworks show has replaced Wishes. For those of you whom have seen both shows, which do you like better?

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Hi! Would you happen to have any AUs for two siblings that never got along as kids/that suffered a major breakup in their relationship when they were young, but after X happens (or something), they reconcile their relationship as adults and end up being pretty close? (...In a sort-of fantasy/medieval setting, maybebutnotrequired?) Thank you so much! :D

  • Character A was born with magical abilities, and their sibling Character B wasn’t. In a very Lily and Petunia Evans manner, Character B estranges their sibling and refuses to consort with them on the grounds that they’re a freak of nature. However in adulthood, Character B is forced to swallow their pride when their child develops similar abilities, and Character A is the only person they know of that can help their child get a hold on their magic.
  • Characters A and B never got along growing up. It wasn’t that they were polar opposites, quite the contrary. It was like they were carbon copies of each other. They were always competing for the same goals. Eventually, after A lost out on a major opportunity to B, they parted ways. However, Character A found their own way up the ladder. Many years later, the two find each other partnered together on the same project, as their superior seems to think they’re similarities make them a good team. Now both their success depends on them working together. Turns out, when they work with instead of against each other, they make an incredible team.
  • Character A and Character B could never stand each other, but they both adored their other sibling, Character C. A and B eventually have such a big falling out that they don’t speak for years. That is, until something happens to Character C and they both have to work together to help them.
  • Characters A and B are twins, and heirs to a kingdom. They’re both constantly competing for which of them will run the kingdom when their guardian passes on that responsibility. When their guardian unexpectedly passes away and Character A is named ruler, Character B runs away in exile. Over the years, Character A learns that running the kingdom is actually really hard, and Character B was always the only one responsible enough for the task. They decide to search the ends of the earth for their sibling, for the good of their people.

Happy Friday the 13th!

Two things:
1. Inktober day 13: Favorite Weapon. It was a close call between Marluxia’s or Demyx’s, but Marluxia wins in the end. (I almost did Sephiroth’s sword and have it go off the page, but nah…)

2. I will be at Fresno/Madera Comic Con this Sunday in Madera, CA! I will be in Artist Alley, selling my prints!


Aside from never promoting anyone or anything at all before, I think this will be the only promotion worth doing. A friend of mine, I’ve known for a little over 12 years started a gaming Youtube channel with the names Jdollaz97, 3 months ago (playing Rocket League) and while he’s doing damn good on his own with little promoting, I wanna help him out more and more with this shit. I know he’ll get far, he has the potential to become a big gaming Youtube channel.

His most popular video is the one above, his Harley Quinn combos in Injustice 2 and he’s currently uploading a Life is Strange playthrough, preparing himself for Before The Storm. He also has been uploading funny moments from both Friday the 13th and Left 4 Dead 2.

He plans to upload more Friday the 13th, Life is Strange along with Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy when it releases.

I truly think if you’re looking for a gaming channel which is growing as time goes on, someone to watch just to watch or if you need a laugh, JDollaz97 on Youtube is hands down the best option right now. Not only is he honest when it comes to his thoughts on a game, he’s hella funny and just wants to have a good time playing the games he loves and entertaining his audience with dope gameplay and content.

Do yourself a favor and check him out. It means a lot.

I think the next big fandom on Tumblr should be the Keys to the Kingdom by Garth Nix


  1. Nerdy main character with a disability.
  2. Set in the not-distant future so has a touch of cool sci-fi
  3. Also set in a magical alter dimension with science-like magic.
  4. Bad-ass realistic female characters, both on the ‘good’ side and the 'bad’ side
  5. Magical alter dimension adopted the fashion of Victorian london.
  6. Has everything from robots to pirates and winged creatures everwhere
  7. While being (Obviously but not officially) religious based and has a 'great creator’, said creator is often defied, questioned, and portrayed as sort of prideful and snobbish. (Also female.)
  8. One of the books has a whale 100 miles long, what’s not sweet about that?
  9. Despite the 2 main side characters being female while the main character is male, there is never any mention of romance, romantic feelings, or love of a non-platonic fashion.
  10. Realistic depictions of what a person would go through when traumatized physically. 

All in all people should read these books and I’m upset more people haven’t!