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"a game of chess" :)

Fic I Would Write For This: Fantasy Historical AU

  Yuuri is a knight of the king, the best in the Kingdom and assigned to court to protect the nobles and royals living there. There he meets Viktor, great nephew to the king and heir to one of the richest families in the kingdom with a last name that people would kill for. He’s the most eligible bachelor around, with people fawning over him trying to marry into his family’s wealth and power. But he’s tired of the backstabbing politics of court life and just wants to be free. He quickly falls for Yuuri, steadfast and strong and with no ulterior motivations to draw him to Viktor other than his own heart.

But when their affair is discovered, the king orders them to separate for good. Viktor is commanded to marry into the royal family of the neighbouring kingdom, to strengthen the ties between the two countries. And Yuuri is assigned as the guard to protect him as he travels across the border. In the complicated game of politics and manipulation they don’t know who to trust, and neither are sure whether the final assignment is giving them the mercy of a goodbye or an elaborate scheme where they are nothing but the pawns in a larger game. Love, duty and politics all war within them and they have to choose which path to take what games they are willing to play

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since part of the deal with Echidna was that Karkat would be the leader of the new world I like to imagine that in front of Karkat they divided up the kingdoms and assigned each different leaders so it would be “fair” but the second Karkat leaves the room Kanaya pulls everyone together and explains that due to Echnida’s conditions Karkat is actually the true leader of everything and they’re all just like “okay yeah sounds good” and they all just accept Karkat as the actual Leader of the World, except Karkat who has literally no idea this happened

Card Positions


The king rules over the country and controls the army. He is the final authority, and no one can over ride his laws, besides a future king. The king’s bodyguard is the Ace, who is the only one who can kill him without help. The king can be female.


The queen helps rule over the country. She also protects the king, and monitors the upper class. Queens are also known for their ability to preform magic, and even the most magically inept queen can control the element that was assigned her kingdom. (Diamond=Earth, Hearts=Water, Clubs=Fire, Spades=Air). The queen can be male.


The jack’s jobs is to protect the king and queen, monitor the lower class, and help run the kingdom. S/He is always carrying a weapon, and is always either with the king and/or queen. During an attack the jack is expected to lay down their life before the king and queen.


The lady-in-waiting. And by waiting I mean ‘waiting for someone to attack’ because 10s are also the queen’s bodyguard, and is the second most qualified person for the job, the first being the Ace. They are known for looking beautiful, and being deadly.


Captain of the Guard/Bodyguard for the jack. It’s the 9’s job to protect and assign people to protect the castle, which means that they usually wont be able to protect the jack in an attack because they’re too busy protecting the castle. And if they do go protect the jack during the battle they’ll just usually protect the king, because 9 times out of 10 that’ll where the jack will be.


Treasurer. Which means they kind of oversee the finances with the country. People except these people to be good with math and money, and to hopefully take the blame when things go sour in the economy.


Spies. They are used to spy on the others. They could also be classified as ninjas, because most sevens are highly trained in discreet killings. Not really much else to say…


Scholars, teachers, and scribes. They record history while it’s happening, teach the face cards if they are unable to read and/or wright, and remember the writings of the past scholars. They are expected to be book smart, and to have a good memory.


Message relaior. Their job is to take royal messages where ever they need to go, whether across the ocean or just down the street. They love traveling, and are excepted to know how to live off of the land.


Judges. They run the highest court in the land, and usually only takes cases that deserve the highest court in the land. So no petty theft stuff.


Healers/Doctors/Hedge Witch/Midwife/Herbalist. They’re the most likely besides, the queen, to know magic. Though most of the time it’s just healing magic. They’re expected to know about medicine and herbs, and they’re the first one’s you call when the king gets sick.


Maids/Butlers/Unskilled workers. There the ones that help the queen get her jewels on, get the kings soup from the kitchen, they’re unskilled workers that work in direct proximity to the royals. They’re the only servants that they can completely trust, so they do most of the work regarding the king and queen.


They’re the assassins and the bodyguard for the king. They can kill anyone, but the only ones that can kill them are another ace with a higher companion card with them. Say two aces were fighting and one brought alone a queen while the other brought a 2, the one with the queen would win.

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I know it's going to sounds really weird and creepy, but what about headcanons where Garon was actually a really doting father?

*cracks knuckles* I ACCEPT THIS CHALLENGE. 

  • Garon buys the kids new weapons on a monthly basis, ensuring they have the keenest blades for hacking their enemies to death. 
  • The kind has set up an entire room just to have sparring matches with his kids. He prefers physical fights, so he favors Marx, Camilla, and Kamui when it comes to physical training. 
  • Garon also ensures the kids receive a good education. Leon and Elise are the resident geniuses so Garon favors them when it comes to smarts. 
  • King Garon would be in the middle of an important audience with some important noble and out of nowhere, five little kids come running in asking him to play with them. 
  • Garon surrounded by the five little ones as they try to climb up his legs and compete for attention. 
  • Marx goes through his rebellious phase and challenges his father to a duel every time Garon tries to suppress him. Naturally, Marx lost every time. 
  • Leon went through a broody phase (modern day emo phase) and Garon had to demand all of the servants only bring Leon happy, cheerful things in colors like pink, yellow, and green. 
  • Camilla brought too many people home, boys and girls alike, so Garon had to create a new rule just for Camilla: the door to her chambers stayed open whenever she had a “friend” over, and one of Garon’s servants was to be posted at the open door. 
  • Kamui had a tendency to sneak out. Garon had to put bars on the windows to Kamui’s room, but they usually went into one of their siblings’ rooms to sneak out and explore the kingdom. Eventually, Garon assigned Joker/Felicia to them to make sure Kamui never snuck out again. 
  • Elise was always running to Garon’s room all of the time and refused to leave his side. She was too attached to her father, and he had to make Marx babysit her more often. He did manage to get Elise out of his hair (lol, what hair?), but it backfired on him. Now, she only obeys Marx and not Garon. If Garon tells her to do something, she checks with Marx. Garon resorted to blackmailing Marx when he noticed this, ensuring Marx always agreed with what Garon said. 

Daddy Garon could have been a good guy… now I’m sad. 

Spoiled Prince!Ashton being a little momma’s boy. He would be needing service from every single maid; not to get them to clean up, but to flirt with them. Anne, being the independent ruler of their kingdom, assigns Harry, Lauren, and Ashton a job they must stick to for the rest of the day. Harry was assigned to work with Blacksmith!Luke back in the courtyard. Lauren would be hanging out with the Seamstress!Hoods. And lastly, we have Ashton. He practically begged Anne not to work with anyone. “Please mum,” he implored. “I don’t want to work with any of our servants.” Anne, finding that very rude, puts him with the newly hired, Y/N. You only came begging for a job at the castle after your mother had been forced to quit her job in the market due to the diseases lurking around (luckily she hasn’t caught anything). Ashton, with a heavyhearted stomped down to the bottom floor where you worked. The air was musty and Ashton had to admit that he has never been this deep into the castle crevices. “W-what are you doing here?” You said shyly, ashamed of the ratty and smelly clothes you were wearing in front of him. “Just teach me whatever you do down here. Queen’s orders.” He said in a bored tone. You huffed and directed him to your first task. He had to scrub the dirty clothes of his family members inside a large basin of boiling water. He nearly missed searing his hand in the scorching water. He backed away, and motioned for you to step in for now. He leaned back on the wall of the small crevices of the laundry room. He looked at your tired arms stirring at the wooden basin. A thin layer of moisture collected on your dirt covered face, and let’s not mention the hot stream coming from the water. Noticing your fatigue, Ashton quickly takes the paddle from your hands and grips them in his large, calloused ones. That is when he notices how hard his workers slaves. He gently placed the paddle beside the basin. You took it right away, thinking that he wants you to take over again. He takes you and leans you back on the wall that he was once leaning on. In the dim light he notices how soft and beautiful your features are. You stare intently into his large, amber eyes. “Is this how hard you work every day?” He asks softly. You sheepishly nod. The labours and the lack of rest has gotten to you for the last few weeks you are here in the castle. Ashton helped you on him, letting some of your weight on him so you would have to carry yourself to wherever he was taking you. “Where are we going?” You ask. He doesn’t say anything. Once upstairs, Ashton meets up with Anne. “Mum, how ‘bout Y/N as my new maid?” “Ashton,” she starts. “Mum, Angeline quit a few days ago.” Anne stares at him until dismissing it. The only thing she didn’t know was that the only reason he wanted you as his servant was to get closer to you.

anarchyaustralia yay! royal!5sos hope you enjoyed


“On Beforus, well before her drinker abilities had awakened, she grew up in the caste almost solely devoted to tending to the mother grub, hatching the young and proliferating the brood. The jade bloods were also an almost exclusively female caste, and she began to resent the roles she was hatched into, designated for both her classes and gender. She challenged these roles wherever they existed in Beforan society, as well as where she found them woven into our session, in kingdoms, class assignments, consort culture and the like.”

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Can you please please do a one shot of the Caryl reunion while they are both still injured?? Have missed your stories so much!!

Daryl stood at the foot of her bed, staring at her. The solid blue sling around his shoulder stood out starkly against his rumpled appearance. Alarm coursed through Carol’s veins like gasoline, sparking on the raw nerves of the bullet wounds in her limbs, the knife wound on her side. He was pale, and there were dark rings bruising the hollows of his eyes. He wasn’t speaking, but he was standing…and staring…at her.

Carol pursed her lips and broke eye contact, looking away to the blank wall of the room of the infirmary. The people of the Kingdom still assigned a value to physical privacy that she hadn’t experienced in months. Having the room to herself, even though she knew there was a sentry standing on the other side of the door, had been a mercy when she’d first woken up here.

But now, occupying the same space as Daryl, with him looking at her like he was, the walls seemed to shrink inward.

“Go,” she whispered, closing her eyes. “Please.”

“Nah.” The single syllable came out like gravel.

Her insides coiled, and she turned her face across the pillow.

“Cain’t leave.”

She wasn’t sure if he was talking about himself or her. It didn’t matter. He couldn’t be here. She couldn’t have him here. As soon as she was able, then she wouldn’t be here either. She would take her bags and leave this Kingdom place too. It turned out that the Kingdom had connections to the Hilltop…She hadn’t escaped yet.

“I don’t want you here,” she hissed, her lungs protesting at the lie.

She had asked them not to come looking for her. Morgan must have contacted Alexandria some time while she was unconscious. He just didn’t know how to leave it alone. She didn’t want his intervention. She didn’t want his help. He couldn’t help. No one could help. Not even Daryl…Even if he could, she didn’t want him to try…She didn’t want to drag him into this…


Hearing her name in his mouth had her coiled insides turning into crooked wires. Her resolve weakened against her will, and she opened her eyes.

“Go away.”


“Dammit, Daryl.” Carol sat up too fast, and her shoulder screamed at her.

Her whole body hitched, and he took a concerned step toward her. She glared so hard that he stopped in his tracks, hurt flashing across his face.

“Stop,” she pleaded. “Just go. Go home. I’m not—we’re not—this isn’t what you think it is. I’m not coming back.”

His jaw set, and even under the gauntness of his face, she saw the stubborn glint in his eyes.

“Then I’ll go with you. You don’t gotta do this alone. We can figure it out.”

“No we can’t! Don’t you get it?! I don’t want you to come with me. I can’t have you there.” It felt like shards of glass in her throat, but she swallowed it back.

“Tough shit,” Daryl bristled. “Ever since I’ve known you, you been pullin’ me back from the ledge. You don’t get to write yourself off now, not after all this.”

“Especially after all this, that’s exactly what I get to do,” she growled at him.

Her heart was tearing itself in half, but she had to make him understand. Daryl was loyal to a fault, and he loved her down to her damned soul. She loved him too much to let him destroy himself by following her into Hell. She loved him, and she knew that she COULD kill for him, but…she couldn’t…

Every molecule of her being was hating her for what she was doing, but if she had to be cruel to him in order to save him, then…maybe that was for the best too.

“You can’t help me,” she breathed out. “I don’t want you to. I don’t want you. So leave.”

Daryl’s response was to take a step closer, a little wobbly but solid.

There was that lance of concern in her chest again.

What happened to your shoulder?

Why are you so pale?

You need to drink something; you look dehydrated.

Sit down.

Lay down.


“You are so full of shit.” His words were low, under his breath, full of every emotion except venom.

The bite still dug deeply though, and Carol narrowed her eyes. She said nothing and just looked away. She continued to stare resolute and despondent until he exhaled hard, turned, and left the room. He slammed the door after himself with his foot, and she flinched.

A beat passed, and Carol lifted her uninjured arm to her face, pressing her eyes into the crook of her elbow, and drawing a deep breath. Her chest shuddered, and the tremble that ran through her aggravated her side, her arm, her shoulder.

She was so full of shit, but if her shit kept him alive, then that is what she would do. She refused to damn him with herself. She held herself and cried dry tears that burned the backs of her eyes.

On the other side of the door, Daryl made it around the corner, away from the sentry’s gaze, before he was doubling over and putting a hand on the wall. He wanted to vomit, but there was nothing left to come up after the last 36 hours. He wasn’t sure if he was actually dizzy or just so angry that the world seemed to be tilting.

“Daryl.” Morgan approached quickly. “Here, sit down.”

Daryl snarled but let Morgan steer him into a plastic chair in the hallway.

“You can’t leave her like this. I know she says she wants you gone,” Morgan was saying quietly. “But that ain’t what—“

“I know that, asshole.” Daryl glared hotly at him. “Ain’t goin’ nowhere. She knows that.”

Morgan frowned. “Daryl, Carol is not in a good place right now. She’s suffering—“

“Stop. Stop talking like you know shit about her. You don’t. You don’t know her.” Daryl flung his arm in a reckless gesture toward Carol’s room. “So just stop.”

Morgan smartly did not respond, and Daryl ran a hand over his face, fidgeting uncomfortably with the sling that had immobilized his other arm. The movement woke up a twinge of pain, and he savored the feeling. As long as something could still hurt, then he was still alive and there was still something that he could do to fix this.

“Said the bastard that shot her is dead? You kill him?” he asked, looking up at Morgan.

The other man looked tortured, but he nodded. “Yes.”

Daryl swallowed thickly and looked toward Carol’s closed door. “Go back to Alexandria.”


“You done enough here.” Daryl sighed and sat back. “M’grateful for your help, but she ain’t. You bein’ here is hurtin’ her.”

“So are you,” Morgan said gently. “If you know her, then you know that.”

“I’m stayin’,” Daryl said firmly. “She’s stuck with me when I said worse to her. Not gonna let her push me away now.”