My illustration of kingcheddarxvii‘s alternate Naruto ending (I take no credit for the idea). I drew the One Piece characters myself, the rest is photomanipulation. Consider this my tribute to Naruto which officially ended a month ago at the writing moment.

For Ched

Like many other tumblr users, I am a very big fan of Ched’s!! (◡‿◡✿) and as a gesture of newly found internet friendship i made a few pixels! (i am so sorry about my measly offering omg)

so, here you go ched!! uwu

They don’t capture your true essence very well but i hope you enjoy them none the less!! (✿◠‿◠)

edit: if you get this twice i am so sorry but it looks like my post disappeared?? tumblr… ):

kingcheddarxvii replied to your post: guess who just cried during the climax…

um, everybody who’s ever watched it?

im glad you feel that way, heres an unprompted essay about my sincere affection for high school musical

hsm is a wonderful franchise whose intentionally heavy-handed corniness and use of overt color symbolism and narrative songs makes it both entertaining and accessible for children and adults who feel ostracized by complex storymaps or struggle with reading “subtle” facial acting and body language.

it emphasizes the significance of communication, setting boundaries, supporting each other, and maintaining your personal identity in relationships, and has a fairly diverse cast for a disney channel movie (three of its six primary characters are people of color, a girl of color is the main love interest and romance between black characters is not depicted as alien or frightening). the primary antagonist is never punished for her actions by the protagonists which communicates a message of kindness and forgiveness.

also its so gay like.. have you seen the characters interact ??? theyre all hugging and holding hands all the time …..,, please kiss

A letter to the man who draws the moustache

Dear Ched,

I know that you probably prefer turning invisible, what with all of the madness we’re all sure you’re going through. But we, and hopefully I speak for the entire fandom, will forever be here for you. With your incredible bravery, you’ve still been able to overcome the things that would usually tear down our spirits and, in turn, you’ve brought ours back up… even when yours isn’t fully there.
And so, I’d like to take this moment to thank you from the bottom of my heart for always inspiring all of us to see the world in a brighter, more colorful light and that, no matter what happens, we are the ones in control of our lives and how we feel.
And that alone is more than enough reason to keep on smiling.

So thank you.
Thank you for simply being you.

Much love,