george’s tracks “train” and “castle” are… subpar compared to his other stuff, certainly unfinished (castle isnt even a complete loop), which is a shame because of the potential they show… but honestly the track art by kate holden and @kingcheddarxvii​ makes it worth the purchase alone

i mean look at this shit

its johnroxrezi karate what more could we possibly want

john using his retcon powers, terezi Absolutely Justifiably hitting him on the head, and roxy doing her own thing in the corner having fun. this is the personification of retconquest in a karate kid movie

then castle

if i could describe this cover with one word it would probably be adorbs????

but it was also very well thought-out; there’s an entire scenario behind this one that kingcheddar/Kiko B. worked on, because they wanted to put post-retcon scourge in there, but also wanted it to seemkind of ominous like the track, and decided the best thing to do was add karkat and mayor… it works. so, they are exploring a dreambubble, because obviously they hadnt met the mayor until the meteor journey.

Coincidence? Or mass conspiracy?
I’ve had this theory for a long time, but finally solid proof. The metaphorical shepherds who have been pulling the proverbial wool over our eyes have finally slipped up. Ched and Ponett… Are the same person!

Now, I know what you’re thinking. “Awesome line with the shepherd, man,” and I thank you. You may also be thinking “this is dumb that isn’t proof, they follow each other it’s bound to happen.”
To you, naysayer, I say nay,

The evil mastermind slipped up and didn’t reblog it from themselves! Hard proof I say. Also, Kermit the frog? The worlds 2nd most outspoken flutterdash supporter. The first?

Those are the eyes of a cold. calculating. mastermind. Think about it. Have you ever seen them in the same place at the same time?