a lion’s heart beats within this chest

okay, so here’s a new hc/au for that underwent a dramatic change from what it was in the beginning, thanks to @nicrt (the idea involves eating hearts, so you’re warned) definitely a new thing to try out.

  • okay, so, this started with the idea of a saarebas!noctis (from dragon age)
  • sewn lips, collar, blindfold, chains, a mage turned into a weapon
  • and it went from there
  • let’s say noct is 15 yo, just old enough to have started his magical training but still malleable
  • niflheim stages an abduction under the guise of an assassination, with drautos as the one taking noct away from insomnia
  • stealing the crown prince himself and turning him against his own father? they couldn’t pass up the chance
  • and it gave them prime study material to better understand the crystal and stage their eventual attack
  • noct is taken to gralea, experimented upon, turned into a finely tuned weapon
  • his link to the crystal held in check, they push him to develop his elemancy to the next level, until he could unleash destruction on par with their worst daemons
    • the first thing they did was isolate him
    • blindfold, to steal his sight
    • collar, to steal his voice and bind his powers until the time was right
    • a hood, to steal his identity
    • always forced to wear gloves, long sleeves, armor
    • no sign of skin ever showing
    • except for when they experiment on him, push him to his breaking point to remake him again
    • but they do find out one interesting thing 
    • the crystal’s power literal runs in one’s veins
  • he is tethered to either his handler, drautos, or to his “room”
  • if he’s not in a certain radius, his collar will disable him
  • eventually, they discovered that without his sight, his magical senses increased to compensate. and they ended up making it a permanent fixture
    • he actually likes going as close as he can bear to shiva’s resting place, the magic there pure and clean. nothing compared to the dead thing that haunts gralea
  • but on lucis’ side…
    • no one knows who the white clad spirit that fights so hard against them is
    • their magic as strong, or even stronger than that of the king
  • at some point, cor meets noct in battle, and he is horrified to recognize the boy he used to take fishing in niflheim’s best weapon
    • so much, that he doesn’t resist when noct runs him through with his own blade
    • the first kind touch noct receives in years is cor’s bloody hand on his face
    • “oh noctis, i am so, so sorry. i could not save you that day
    • noctis did not think he could still cry at this point
    • he was wrong
    • his first act of rebellion after so many years is stealing kotetsu and kikuichimonji from cor. hiding them from niflheim
  • when he gets back, he gets run through his usual tests, with one additionnal task : to eat this immortal’s heart
    • would it make him stronger? this is what verstael wanted to know
    • noctis fights like he hasn’t in years
    • they end up having to force feed it tohim
    • and it turns out they were right
    • he is faster, stronger, more resistant. his magic increased by the touch of the crystal’s power that ran through cor
  • from this point on, he is forced to eat the hearts of every kingsglaive and crownsguard he defeats in battle once he gets back to the capital
  • except, he was supposed to be the king of light, forever tethered to the crystal, his body altered just for this task
  • and slowly, noctis becomes a pseudo-crystal onto himself, absorbing the souls of the people whose hearts he eats
  • his very own line of warriors
  • not kings and queens, but survivors
  • and this is how he escapes

When Noctis finally breaks free, it is not his will that animates his limbs. No, the defiant teenager who had killed his own heart to survive is a faint thing in the abyss of his mind.

“You can rest for now, I am here” whispers a strong voice, a kind voice, someone he had known a lifetime ago.

It is hard to find himself in another body, balance and sight lost, but Noctis had been groomed as the perfect weapon. His body remembers what Cor does not know, and summoning his weapons is easy as breathing for one who was born to be the Crystal’s receptacle. Kotetsu and Kikuichimonji fit perfectly in those lithe hands, and he feels a pang of regret at being unable to see it for himself.

So it’s getting close to Halloween, time to get spooky and read some horror and ghost stories. Here is a list of a few that you might want to check out. Happy Reading.

Dracula – Bram Stoker

Frankenstein – Mary Shelley

The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde – Robert Louis Stevenson
The Haunting of Hill House – Shirley Jackson
The Complete Stories and Poems – Edgar Allan Poe
The Picture of Dorian Gray – Oscar Wilde

The Turn of the Screw – Henry James
The Shining – Stephen King
Doctor Sleep – Stephen King (follow on from The Shining)

We Have Always Lived in the Castle – Shirley Jackson
The Phantom of the Opera – Gaston Leroux
Carrie – Stephen King
Carmilla – Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu
‘Salem’s Lot – Stephen King
The Exorcist – William Peter Blatty
It – Stephen King
Pet Sematary – Stephen King
At The Mountains of Madness – H.P. Lovecraft
I Am Legend – Richard Matheson
The Legend of Sleepy Hallow – Washington Irving
Psycho – Rober Bloch
Collected Ghost Stories – M.R. James
Ancient Sorceries and Other Weird Stories – Algernon Blackwood
The Masque of the Red Death – Edgar Allan Poe
The Best of H.P. Lovecraft: Bloodcurdling Tales of Horror and the Macabre
The Woman in Black – Susan Hill