It was cold, dark, and, damn, was he tired. It’d been a pretty long day for the teen, most of it having been spent trying to keep out of sight. Not like that was anything unusual. He was always doing that. It was just that today, the police seemed to have been out like a swarm of flies. “Just my luck, huh,” he muttered under his breath, running his thumb over the edge of his knife. Whether they were out or not, though, he couldn’t hide forever. He needed to get food. Money. That sort of thing. Main reason why he was hiding out in the alley; Idiots seemed to love wandering through the darkness back there. Perfect, easy pickings.

And speak of the devil. His ears twitched when he heard footsteps heading in his direction, a smirk crossing his face. Just one person, from the sound of it. Quick, steady… His muscles tightened, waiting until they were only a few feet away before he moved. He darted out from around the corner, pointing the knife at whatever idiot decided to come his way.

“Money, now,” he said quickly, his voice almost a bark. “Hand it over, and nobody gets hurt.”

Hello, Lion Heart

Yoshi hadn’t expected to run into anyone strange that morning while he was on his summer vacation by himself. (Of course other people had wanted to come with him but he rudely politely declined.) But then again he was always running into strange people. 

He had been standing in line at the local shaved icecream shop when he spotted some people picking one a teen that looked a little older then he. At first Yoshi was just going to watch and no going to interfere because he didn’t want to ruin his rare time alone by getting covered in bruises but he couldn’t stop himself from stepping out of line and quickly taking out the vagrants. 

“You’re a strange person. Why didn’t you run before?”


Mientras esperamos que salga algún video del show que dio OMAM el martes pasado en Reykjavík…

King and Lionheart / 31 de agosto de 2013 / Islandia


Best part for me. Gosh it was amazing hearing it live #ofmonstersandmen #omam #kingandlionheart

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nonononon whats wrong baby talk to me? :C

      OutOfHell; It's just the my 'friend' just called me a greedy bitch for giving up on her problem. I tried to stop her from self harming herself, and when she said that she won't stop, I said alright, do what you want, and she called me a greedy bitch and that I'm a selfish person who doesn't care about anyone other than herself. ; A ; }