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how about pynch as fake boyfriends?

this takes place somewhere during dream thieves and pre-raven king

Adam Parrish fixed his tie in the mirror in Monmouth, running his hands through his hair afterwards. He sighed as he looked at himself, crossing his arms and shaking his head at what he had agreed to do. 

Gansey had some ridiculous event that he had to go to tonight which is why he got off the hook, but Ronan had nearly begged Adam to come with him tonight. Declan had a stupid party that Ronan was not interested in, but when Matthew had asked Ronan to come, Ronan had agreed, but if, and only if, he could bring Adam with him. 

Adam was used to saying no to Ronan, but lately it had found to be very difficult to do so. There were moments lately that Adam did not understand, and he also wasn’t too sure if he wanted to just yet. There were lingering looks, hands touching, lighter moments between the two of them. 

Adam’s head was simply spinning with all of it. Ronan, who was unknowable, who could dream the world, was continuing over and over again to choose Adam, and Adam was finding himself making the decision to start choosing Ronan. 

Ronan walked in, looking handsome in a collared shirt with a blazer, the first few buttons opened. He was wearing jeans, which made Adam feel stupid in his nice pants. 

“I thought this was a nice birthday.” Adam mumbled. 

“It is nice.” Ronan shrugged, looking Adam up and down–Adam was very aware of himself. He sometimes felt that Ronan devoured him with his eyes, so that no one else could try and look at Adam. “I just don’t care about what Declan wants from me.”

“Well you put on a blazer, that’s something.” Adam grinned, taking off his tie. “Think I can get away without this?”

“I don’t know Parrish, what if you hook up? You want to give those ladies something to hold onto.” The words sounded strange coming from Ronan’s mouth. 

Adam rolled his eyes. “I am not in a mood to hook up with women. I wish I had a date to this thing. It certainly takes the pressure off.”

Ronan shrugged easily. “Pretend to be mine Parrish.”

Adam looked at him, his heart, to his own surprise, stopping. “What?”

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