Gender: Male
Pod: N/A (Mother was Kiska)
Place of Capture: Captive born
Date of Capture: Born November 6, 1996
Age at Capture: Captive born

On November 6, 1996, Icelandic female Kiska gave birth to her third calf, a male sired by Kandu VII, at Marineland Ontario. The calf, later known as Nova, was born in the old stadium, King Waldorf Theatre, where all the others had been born.

Because of overcrowding in the stadium, Nova and the other calves were moved to an indoor pool known as the “warehouse”, which is completely devoid of natural sunlight and fresh air.

In 1998, the new tank, known as Friendship Cove, was built and Nova, along with a few others, was reunited with his family. However, some of the whales were moved back to King Waldorf Theatre in the summer for shows.

A young female named Neocia was moved with Nova, but due to Neocia’s aggressive and dominant behavior, she was kept alone and Nova was sent back to Friendship Cove.

Unfortunately, on August 20, 2001, Nova died due to both Pneumonia and Starvation. Marineland, however, denied his death for many months.

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