I think school dances should be more like they were in the 70's

I mean, just think about it

  • super fun disco music
  • boys in tight fitting clothes
  • bell bottom pants
  • platform shoes
  • A girl get pigs blood poured on her then proceeds to burn down the school murdering everyone inside
  • long flowy hair 
  • no bras

idk about you, but i think that sounds like a blast


The Green Mile

Artist: Robert Bruno

His second submission for Hero Complex GalleriesKing for a Day’ show inspired by ‘The Green Mile’ directed by Frank Darabont and written by Stephen King. Print will be available on the Galleries store site HERE.


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overheard in the bathroom after Maleficent
  • Girl:It's kind of sad that King Stephan died and no one seemed to care.
  • Other Girl:Well from what we saw, he drugged his best friend and chopped her wings off to gain power, was a terrible husband who wasn't even there when his wife was dying, was verbally and physically abusive, begged for his daughter's safety ONCE before ignoring her the entire rest of the film even when she comes back on her birthday, and essentially killed himself by trying to knock Maleficent off the tower after she decides to let him live. I'm honestly kind of surprised the people weren't singing "ding dong the king is dead" at the end of the movie.