Episode 107 - The Mattress Professionals

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Mike is back from APE, the Alternative Press Expo, and has all the updates you’d expect. What was it like renting someone else’s apartment for the weekend? Was he able to sleep there alone? Then, Alex has some complaining to do about Public Displays of Affection (PDA), and Mike talks about the most extreme example he can remember seeing. THEN, The Desert Panther, Tony Consiglio creeps into The Lair to tell us a story about how he bought a new mattress. That sounds boring, yes. But trust us, this is a good one.

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I smiled and tucked my cell phone inside my purse. Then I flopped back on the king-size bed. The mattress was soft, but not too soft. I imagined Patch lying here, stretched out on this very bed, wearing who knew what. Boxers? Briefs? Nothing at all?

Korrasami Week Day 7: Unexpected

Wrote a little fic as a collab with wisperr as my one and only contribution to korrasami week ;D peridotpirate gets a kudos for coming up with the original idea: Korra and Asami move in together and get a super king size bed – but the mattress is too big to fit through the front door. 

View wisp’s art HERE

‘Was — ugh — super king size really necessary?’ Korra gripped the edges of the plastic-sheathed mattress tight between her fingers but for all she tugged there was no way it was fitting through the door. Peeking through the one tiny sliver of doorway that wasn’t filled with bed she saw Asami standing outside surveying the dilemma, a hand on her hip.

‘This doesn’t make any sense. I must have measured incorrectly….’ Asami raised an eyebrow as she said this, as if unable to process the idea of such a thing happening.

‘What now?’ Korra pouted and blew hair out of her eyes with a huff of breath. ‘I’m not sleeping on an empty bed frame.’

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anonymous asked:

Could I request the Nighttime Routine prompt with Bucky pretty please? <3

Nighttime Routine + Bucky

Prompt List // Character List

Finally Bucky had returned from his latest mission. Spending so much time alone in your apartment had been driving you crazy, and you were glad you finally had someone to share your bed with again (the king-sized mattress had only succeeded in making you feel lonelier).

You had been making dinner when you heard the front door open. Dropping your mixing spoon, you practically flew to the small foyer and jumped into Bucky’s arms (nearly knocking him over in the process). He held you in his warm embrace, glad he could hold you - glad he was home.

You headed to the kitchen together, Bucky insisting on taking over the cooking. You ate at the kitchen table overlooking the window as you always did. Bucky told you about the mission (take out a high-level Hydra member, in-and-out), you told him what went on while he was away (nothing). After dinner you washed the dishes together and shared a sweet kiss.

“I missed you, doll.”

“Mm. Missed you too, Buck.”

He pecked the tip of your nose. “’M gonna take a shower now. Wanna join me?”

“I’d love to.”

Evening showers together rarely turned into sexy times (mostly because your last attempt at shower sex ended in a few bruises and bumps); instead they were simple intimate moments. Bucky allowed you to search him for injuries as he rubbed circles on your hips with his thumbs. You lathered each other with soap and washed one another slowly, and you washed Bucky’s hair. There were always kisses and sometimes tight embraces.

After drying off, you sat in the living room together. Some nights you watched Netflix, others you watched movies; sometimes you read together and on occasion Bucky would put on some old records Steve got for him and ask you to dance.

Tonight, you were sipping a glass of wine with Bucky’s head in your lap. You were flipping through a magazine while Bucky read as you stroked his damp hair. When he got up, you looked up and smiled, setting your glass and magazine to the side as you waited for Bucky to extend a hand to you. He soon did, pulling you onto your feet and resting his hand on your hip while the other pulled you to him by your lower back. You had your arms draped over his shoulders and your head resting on his chest.

As Bucky swayed with you, he smiled. Nights like these were some of his favorite.

Falling Asleep with the Suitors

Alyn: he’s already snoring by the time you hit the mattress. After all day in training, and even more time planning battle strategies with his knights, he falls asleep instantly. You always just smile and kiss him on the forehead, whispering good night to your knight in shining armor. He smiles just a little in his sleep.

Leo: Although it takes him a minute, he falls asleep as easily as Alyn. After fighting the nightmares for so long, he plans on spending the rest of his life catching up on some shut-eye with you. He always makes sure that some part of him is touching you though, to check that you’re still there.

Sid: he rolls over and breathed into your neck, wrapping his strong arms around you as he tells you good night. After a hug though, he’s off to his own side of the bed, hogging the entire king sized mattress.

Robert: he is the quietest sleeper of all time. You can barely even hear him breathing, let alone shifting at all. His good night kisses are worth waiting all day for, and you’ve never slept so undisturbed in your life. Still, sometimes you have to check that he’s still alive.

Byron: The King of Stein always comes to bed late, but you don’t mind when he wakes you up with a kiss to let you know that he’s ready for bed. Reaching down to take your hand, he brushes light kisses over your fingertips. Whispering good night between you, you both fall asleep facing one another, fingers still interlocked.

Nico: loving to tease, you can rarely get in bed without a tickle fight. At the very least, Nico likes to pepper your face and neck with tiny, noisy kisses. You always fall asleep with a smile on your face, but not before your butler makes you his perfectly blended nighttime tea.

Giles: your tutor never lets you out of his arms. Even after so long together, it’s as if he still feels you could slip away in the middle of the night. Giles wraps his arms around you from behind, curling his body around yours protectively. He whispers good night seductively, teasing as always, but lets you sleep peacefully. He never falls asleep until he feels you slip away into dreams.

Albert: he needs to make sure that you’re comfortable first. He would sleep on the edge of the bed if you needed the space. Once you’re properly tucked in, Albert gently nestles himself in next to you, letting you curl up on his chest if you like. He’s very warm, and his arm around you is the best pillow.

Louis: he still has trouble sleeping often, so you two seldom fall asleep without talking first. Eyes closed, you both recount the events of your day to each other as you lie in Louis’ arms, waiting for sleep to take over. It’s relaxing to vent out your final thoughts before bed, and you sleep straight through the night once out.

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Tiny Pink House - Must See Interior!

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This pretty Pink Poco Edition Tinyhome is the ideal little cozy cottage! Built on a 18ft trailer, it has all the essentials, a full sized loft that can fit a queen or king sized bed mattress, an option for a futon downstairs that can easily be a second bed, a full sized kitchen, bathroom and closet for storage.” – Tiny House Listings

This home was built by Tiny Living Homes.

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Feferi’d spent the better half of the afternoon setting up a pillow fort for her and Rose. She’d used all the beddings on her king-sized bed, her now-bare mattress sitting coldly on its frame. She didn’t care though, the sheets were being used for much more important purposes.

She settled in, fresh bowl of popcorn ready. She texted Rose.

[TXT]: Rose!

[TXT]: Are you ready?

[TXT]: Come on over !!

Eggsy has horrible nightmares. He has for years, thanks to Dean’s abuse, to his own failed hopes. And now Harry’s death, V-day, are added to the mix.

After he and Merlin started to sleep together, he would stay awake until Merlin drifted off and go down to the sofa to sleep.

One night he had a bad one, and when touched woke up swinging and broke Merlin’s nose. He was horrified and ready to run, but Merlin stops him. They straightened the nose and iced it and Eggsy explained the sleeping on the couch.

Merlin says nothing. Eggsy can’t figure out what that means.

Only next time he spends the night at Merlin’s, the bed is larger, a huge king sized sea of mattress. “Gives you more room to thrash, and I know now better than to touch ye.”

Eggsy tries it out and starts having a bad dream, but somehow in the middle is soothed back down. He wonders what happened. And it happens again and again.

And one time he wakes up just enough to realize that Merlin is softly singing Gaelic folk songs to help him when he starts to toss and turn.

Eventually there are fewer nightmares.

ship aesthetic 4/25 || otp: sunrise and sunset

The loft that Savri had turned into her room was open and drafty, with little furniture or lighting. White Christmas lights strung up from the rafters, candles, and two lamps provided the only light in the room. But that was the way she liked it. Dim lighting to accommodate her nocturnal eyes.

The draftiness didn’t bother her much either, but Jia had taken to wearing a thick robe over her pajamas every time she came upstairs to curl up with Savri. 

They were lying on their stomachs on Savri’s bed, a king size mattress that sat on floor. Savri had her left week draped lazily over Jia’s body, providing another layer of warmth for her. Together, they were playing Pokemon and slurping Ramen noodles out of a Tupperware tub.

“Aw,” Savri said, sticking out her bottom lip in a pout. “I lost again!”

Jia smiled a warm and gentle smile, “Sav, you can’t beat the gym leader with all flying Pokemon.”

“But birds are the best!” Savri protested. “This is clearly a flaw in the game.”

“Clearly,” Jia nodded.

Savri shut her game off, still pouting. She looked around the room, her gaze landing on her clock.

“Hey, the sun should be coming up soon,” Savri said. “Wanna go watch the sunrise?”

“Yeah, okay,” Jia said, sitting up slowly so she didn’t knock Savri’s wing too hard.

Sitting on the porch of the boarding house, the two of them watched the sky go from dark, inky blue, to a lovely golden. Slowly and shyly, Savri reached beside her to lace her fingers through Jia’s. Jia smiled and Savri tried not to melt as the other girl rested her head on her shoulder.


A new king sized bed for the hobbit room! Our master bedroom still has no heat so in the winter we generally sleep either on a futon or in one of the other bedrooms. My husband and I are fussy sleepers and as a result we end up in separate rooms which have full sized beds. Getting a king sized mattress through the tiny doors of this room wasn’t going to work so we decided to get a nest bed and roll it out. The bed is fabulous and it looks great. In the future we’re going to get new end tables. Everything in this room so far has come from either family or second hand shops. Looking forward to sleeping in the same room tonight!