I love this kissing scene so much that I’m still screaming of happiness! Kaneki’s finally letting out those emotions repressed inside him and feeling loved for the first time! <3 <3 Thank you Ishida sensei!

Just a quick thought dump on what’s quickly becoming my favorite board game

My problem with most card and board games is the tendency that, as player count increases the most effective strategies tend to be just… sit and wait.

If you let the other players attack and use resources against each other you’ll be able to emerge from the rumble fresh for a fight and unopposed. It gets worse when there’s so many players any individual person can be wiped from the map in a single turn rotation

This is what I like so much about King of Tokyo, practically all of the cards affect every one outside of your current (temporary) group. The game can be won pretty fast so proactive play is extremely rewarded and letting any one do what they want for even a small amount of time is game throwing

Not only that, this game has tons of combos and power ups. It’s a blast to mix and match cards as they appear and build strategies on the fly, playing cleverly and adapting whole strategies to the battlefield is so much fun

I’m not a dedicated tabletop player, I can’t speak to the comparison of other games. But King of Tokyo has plenty of strategic depth, me and my friends just played matches for 8 hours straight

I highly recommend this game. It’s easy to pick up while having great total playtime, totally worth the investment