Chapter 86: White Rainbow

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The following is based entirely on Helvetica Scans TL. I’m busy this afternoon so I’m posting it now before the release, I’ve marked it with spoilers.

Pg 1: Kaneki and Hirako come upon the fallen Eto.  She notices them and looks up.

Pg 2:  Eto tells Kaneki that she’s glad she got to see him again. She says that she helped his Anteiku friends escape but was done in by Furuta.  Kaneki calls her reckless and she tells him that only reckless people have their wishes fulfilled.

Pg 3: Eto tells him that her wish (for him to kill the One-Eyed King) doesn’t matter anymore. The scene changes to Mougan and Aura fighting Touka and they prepare to attack her.

Pg 4: Touka launches her kagune.  Mougan thinks that she is able to withstand the attack of two special class investigators. Aura wonders how an Ukaku can hold off an attack for so long (they usually can attack quickly but get burned out).

Pg 5:  Touka burns out her kagune and falls to the ground. Other investigators prepare to jump in but they are attacked by Banjou’s hooded companions.

Pg 6: Mougan begins feeling uneasy and his hair has caught on fire from the attack.  Yomo jumps at him and strikes but Mougan is able to block it with his quinque.

Pg 7: Touka and Banjou crouch by the fallen Ayato.  Touka tells Banjou to save Ayato and Banjou activates his kakugan.

Pg 8:  Hooded ghouls rush at Aura.  She spins and slices two in half.

Pg 9: Yomo and Mougan watch her cut the ghouls down. Mougan says that fighting ghouls with long range attacks by closing the distance is a method of the past. He says that Aura is skilled at dual wielding quinques. He tells Yomo the ability is expected of Special Class Investigators, though he can’t do it. He presses his quinque against Yomo’s stomach.

Pg 10: Mougan fires his quinque.  Yomo falls to the ground and Mougan says it’s simple (speaking broken English).  Aura approaches Touka and says that their time together is almost up. Touka looks up and notices something.

Pg 11: Members of Squad 0 jump in and quickly surround Mougan and Aura, surprising them.  Aura sees Hirako approaching.

Pg 12: Mougan and Aura begin asking Hirako what is happening. He pulls out a paper with “resignation” written on it and says that he resigns.

Pg 13: He places the paper on the ground.  Mougan and Aura get angry and Hirako prepares to attack with his quinque. Mougan notices something above them. Eto’s words “there is no need to listen to/bother with my wish any longer” repeat.

Pg 14: Eto says “You’ve already defeated him, haven’t you?” Flashback to a younger Arima standing before an injured Eto. Eto narrates that if there was a ghoul to kill Arima they would be a symbol of hope for all ghouls. Arima asks Eto for a reason why she fights and she says that she wants to fix the bullshit world by destroying it.

Pg 15: An image of Eto and Aogiri and Arima with his Squad 0 is shown. Arima says that it is a good reason. Eto says that the throne that she and Arima warmed up was extremely bright.

Pg 16: Kaneki, with a massive kagune, jumps down to interfere in the fight. Mougan recognizes him. Eto says that whether he chooses to rule the world or destroy it, it is his decision to make.

Pg 17: Kaneki says that he is the One-Eyed King. A note at the bottom (started on pg 16) says that in several languages “re” means King.

It’s sort of difficult to piece together Eto’s narration because it spans several of the end pages so I’ve put it all together here:

If there was a ghoul that “Killed Arima Kishou”

That ghoul would without a doubt

become a symbol of hope for Ghouls.

It was dazzling

Like a halo that radiated from the sun

The throne which we (the One-Eyed King (Arima Kishou) and I ) have warmed up

Whether to rule or destroy [the world], it is your decision to make,

Kaneki Ken.

PLEASE someone make a meta about the fact that Arima was the One Eyed King!

And how it has connection to:

- Eto’s own goal and the purpose of Aogiri Tree
- Eto saying to Kaneki to kill OEK.
- Arima aka the OEK being half human and had reached his own limit.
- Arima’s plan to be ‘killed’ by Kaneki so he will take the new King throne.
- The 0 squad’s mission to help Kaneki escape cochlea.
- Uta and Donato saying they will ‘meet’ the (new?) King.
- V’s and Washuu’s goal in general, and specifically to find One Eyed King.
- Arima ironically being the OEK himself as well as part of V and the half human project under Washuu’s.
- Arima taking Kaneki to CCG in the end of Tokyo Ghoul.
- How about the other half-humans? What side they are in? Considering they are all the (failed) project of Washuu clan themselves.
- Clown’s part in this whole game.
- Also Rize’s role in this.
- Even further back to the beginning; the ‘coincidental’ meeting between Rize and Kaneki, the whole part of Kaneki being turned into one-eyed ghoul and how Clown was the one behind it in the first place!
- Why Kaneki though?
- How about Amon?
- And, lastly, how Furuta and his own goal fit in all of these.

I can’t help but thinking that they are all correlated. It’s a conspiracy for Kaneki to take over the throne because Arima had reached his own limit. I can’t help believing Arima, 0 squad, Clown (aside from Furuta), and Eto are actually working together behind all of this. It’s all planned even going back to the beginning. But again why Kaneki??

And how can Arima be the One Eyed King in the first place? Someone who knows every details of Tokyo Ghoul universe please explain!!!

anonymous asked:

Ken Kaneki. The One Eye King. Let the Game of Thrones begin! (Btw Jon Snow and Ken should team up xD If only...I wish but the parallels between 0-0)

THE KING IN THE NORT- oh, shit, sorry, wrong show. 



Did anyone think that the stand-up cut-outs that Wil posted to his blog for Tabletop Day kind of looked like King of Tokyo monsters? I did, so last night I made these. :)

I scaled the images down to about 3.75 inches tall, printed front and back versions and glued them to some 4-ply mat board and got WHEEEEATON! and Day of Destruction ready to bring ruin to the city of Tokyo. They fit very well into the plastic stands. They needed some monster boards so a couple hours later… :) This morning I printed everything out and assembled the boards. Right now the number disks are just held on with thumb tacks so I’m going to need to find something more permanent.

Update: I have rearranged the printable files to hopefully be a little easier to assemble the standup figures. I’ve left the old versions below the new in case they aren’t. :)

If anyone wants to print their own copies, I uploaded a pdf to my Google drive account here. NEW VERSION:

Old version:

I also put the full size pages as jpegs in this post but I’m not sure if my settings will allow them to be downloaded so they are also available on imgur here:


Old versions:

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I’ve had a bit of free time late lately so I’ve started to get obsessed with board games. One of the most fun and accessible ones is King of Tokyo. Everyone I’ve played with really enjoys it (even non-gamers), across all ages. It has a great theme, appealing art, and engaging gameplay. If you’re looking for something fun to play with your friends or children, give it a shot. There’s an expansion that adds new character abilities and another expansion on the way for Halloween. Ok, that’s my recommendation for the day. I’m off to play Pathfinder the Adventure Card Game!

While playing King of Tokyo...
  • @TheGameSmith:There's an expansion for this game.
  • Me:The base game is great on its own. I don't need the expansion.
  • @TheGameSmith:The expansion has a giant panda in it.
  • Me:I can't say "no" to a giant panda!
  • @SirWheaton:That's why he isn't allowed at the zoo any more.

In the “Please Don’t Sue Me” Dept: in a conversation with hijinksensue I realized that King of Tokyo could be played using monsters from the Power Puff Girls. So tonight I put together this set. This should be a decent print resolution for most home ink jets, but I have a higher res set if you’d prefer (email me for the pdf). Don’t be too impressed, aside from Mojo I copied the rest from what tiny screen grabs I could find on Google Images. I think this is gonna be fun to add to my own set.