• Gisa: Why do you always have to go and get hammered with all of Mare's friends?
  • Shade, sitting down at the breakfast table: Mare has friends? Besides, I wasn’t that drunk last night.
  • Mare : You were flirting with Farley
  • Shade: So what? She’s my girlfriend.
  • Mare: : You asked her if she was single
  • Cal, sliding in and sitting next to Mare: and then you cried when she said she wasn’t
  • Mare: It was hilarious.

King Arthur: Legend of the Sword is a random heavy-fantasy retelling of the Sword in the Stone? Seems silly, right? 


It’s a Guy Ritchie film and you can feel that – there are there fun sections of dialogue and visual pacing where it’s got this fast, fun, gangster movie runaround feel that Snatch did so well. Then the next minute it’s high-fantasy LOTR dramatic and monsters and mages? Then the next minute you’re watching these amazing fight and battle sequences that are killer and fun and just really stylish! Charlie Hunnam’s King Arthur is like… Aragorn if Aragon had Jax Teller’s upbringing. Which is exactly the vibe I think they cast him for and it really works?

It contains in no particular order:

- Excellent sound track 

- Amazing fight choreography 

- The most badass take on Excalibur I’ve ever seen

- A very compelling villain in Jude Law

- No romance sub-plot

- POCs very purposely cast into traditional European fantasy roles (like you can see them going, lol fuck you. It’s canon. Your fave is POC now) 

- Really unique interpretations of fantasy characters with no shying away from the magic and creature-feature stuff

- A really cool fucking world that leaves you really wanting more and wishing this was an HBO series and not a movie

So I highly recommend it. That’s what I’m saying. Someone watch this and talk to me about it.

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How come Cal being on the throne is such a bad thing? Isn't that good?

Well, yes and no. I’m all on board with @chaoslaborantin‘s #nokingcal2k18, just because him being on the throne perpetuates the monarchy, and I really dont want one at the end of RQ. And God help my stupid son, but he’s in for a world of hurt if he thinks he can take on the whole silver society and culture and try to change it. And we honestly have no idea if thats even what he wants. Like tbh, he could be a perfect example of a pretty speech that has not action behind it. Not to mention a new thing I came up with, which is that, dammit son, you dont need the crown to enact change. Davidson, Mare and Farley are trying to do it without a crown, and you just freaking got in their way. He’s just being stupid, and I hope that at some point in RQ4 that he has a rude awakening and is like, welp shit, I done fucked up. Fingers crossed this moment haps. I would say its pretty bad that he’s gonna be on the throne, because of the previously mentioned reasons, and because he’s just not a politician. Cal, I love ya sweetheart, but you are not a politician. Daddy did not prepare you well for that part of being a king. 

So the new King Arthur movie is GREAT. Like really great. I keep thinking about it and I want to see it again. It’s Guy Ritchie!! It’s ridiculously fun and not self-serious and yet perfectly serious at the same time!! Special effects!! Scenery!! The music!! Charlie Hunnam’s perfect face!!! All of it’s so good and that’s not even getting to the heart of the movie, which is why it has my heart-Arthur’s journey from reluctant hero to newly-crowned king. It isn’t really about him accepting his fate or shouldering his father’s burden or even becoming the man he was born to be. Or at least not entirely.

 Ultimately it’s not about him at all. It’s about service. A king exists to serve his people and to protect them with everything he has, beginning and ending with his own life. When Arthur understands that, the idea of kingship stops being a terrifying prospect and becomes second nature to him. It’s beautiful because it’s NOT about power for him, or even all the things he can do or accomplish when he’s king. He finally accepts his destiny only when he sees that his life as king can be a natural extension of the life he already leads, a life where he protects everyone around him 100% of the time.

 Vortigern represents what happens when you choose power over love (even if it breaks his heart, (gosh i love this movie, even the villain has layers!!)) and this is why Arthur refuses to accept his fate, because the model of kingship he’s had most of his life is cruelty and selfishness. But when he understands that being a king is nothing more than choosing love of others over love of self, over power, over everything and using all that you are to protect them so that they can flourish, he dives right in and never looks back.

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King Arthur is So Good! I was wondering all the way to the theater if it was gonna be funny or serious because the trailers were both and who knew! the movie was also both! the ending felt so video game-y but in a very good way! I knew i wanted to watch it because guy ritchie but its been a week and im still constantly thinking about how good it was

You know that exact feeling of extreme badass elation you feel when you get to the endfight in Legend of Zelda and Link goes toe-to-toe with Ganondorf and after this wild battle sequence you finally bring him down? It’s that exact feeling brought to the big screen and personified by Charlie Hunnam yelling with a big ass sword. It rides that perfect edge between Rule of Cool and In World Appropriate. 

In fact, the way Excalibur works in this world is kind of how I imagine the Master Sword works so you are 100% dead on in the “it feels like a video game” but in the best way possible. I don’t know. I loved it. It’s Pacific Rim levels of style and world-building fun. 

im sorry but the king arthur legend of the sword film was fucking god awful. its like lord of the rings shat all over the bastard child of game of thrones and merlin. it made no sense and if i have to hear the word ‘lad’ one more god daMN TIME. me and my friends were trynna figure out the plot and character motivations at the end like???? the characters spoke so fast and kept changing accents the whole time. when the credits started rolling the whole cinema sat in their seats like

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arthur/the mage + "Winning was easy. Governing's harder."

“Why did you feast with those men?”

Her voice, cutting and direct, has him stumbling as he enters the hall. He looks up as soon as he catches himself, brows raising slightly as he takes in the hooded figure sitting at an edge of his round table.

It’s been four months. And not a word of the mage since then. No eagles. He sees only the bottom of her braid, the edge of her chin. Her fingertips are pressed on the flat of the table.

Slowly, he bites down on the rest of the apple in his mouth, pulling it away with an obnoxious crunch. “Mad you weren’t invited?”

“They care little for friendship,” she continues without acknowledging his statement. “Open coffers do not get respect.”

He walks until he stands next to her, leaning against the table and crossing one leg in front of the other. His brows raise. “So you’re a political adviser.”

She tilts her head back, the angle letting him see her face clearly. Her lips are tightly pressed, annoyed. “The sword must be used, wants to be used.” The fingers on the table begin to trace a small circle. “Defend your gates, or at the very least, leave them close to slavers.”

He leans forward. She stares at him, unimpressed.

“I’ve got a boat,” he states.

Her eyes narrow. “A boat.”

“Yeah,” he winks. “Big boat.”

She eyes him, waiting for a longer explanation. He rolls his shoulders, unable to resist (he suspects she knows that about him by this point).

“Turns out, I like keeping all 10,000 of my subjects in England.” He extends his hands, one of which is still holding the apple. “To do that, I’d only need about…” his eyes narrow. “A thousand boats.”

“And you have one.”

“That’s one more than I had before dinner.” He chomps down on the apple contemplatively.

Silence. The mage lets out a breath.

“It is the viking’s boat.”

Arthur can’t help himself. He winks. “More is won with wine.”

“The winning is easy.” The mage stands, walking the opposite way from him around the table. Her fingers dance over its polished surface, as if she’s seeing who will sit before it. What they will do. She stops at the missing quarter, looking up and removing her hood. “It is the governing that is hard.”

“…is that why you’ve come back?”

“I am here to guide you.” She meets his gaze. The edges of her eyes glow with the red of her powers. “You carry what is left of my kingdom in your hands. I will help you build yours with it.”

He tilts his head. She watches him calmly.

“Does this mean you’ve missed me?”

Her expression does not shift.

He bites the inside of his cheek. She is the only one with ties to the magic that rests in his lands, in his scabbard. There’s been an tentative friendship between them, a burgeoning camaraderie that makes him both uneasy and fearless.

Arthur rolls what’s left of the apple between his palms. “Tell me your name?”

Her touch falls from the wood.

Silence stretches, and he wonders if he’s been too forward– a strange sentiment for him.

“For now,” she whispers in an uncomfortable concession, “You may call me Emrys.”

“Emrys,” he tries out. Clearly a moniker, but he is a fan of those. He smiles, feeling it genuine, and gestures to one of the empty chairs. “You have a place at this table, for as long as you wish to have it.”

“…thank you.” The admission makes him turn to fully face her. She ignores him, pulling out a chair and situating herself within it. At his stare, she raises her gaze.

“Well?” She says flatly, near disinterested. “Bring me wine.”

The laugh escapes, from somewhere deep within his chest.

Jack Sparrow is our inner bookworm

Exhibit A:
When you finish a book and don’t know whether to hug it or throw it across the room. 

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Exhibit B:
When you spend the whole night reading a book

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Exhibit C:
When people ask if you can do anything other than fangirl and you say you can do this:

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Exhibit D:
When writers keep separating your OTP

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Exhibit E:
When the author is writing the next book in the series

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Exhibit F:
When you open the first page of the book you’ve been waiting for and you know it’s gonna kill you in the most pleasurable ways:

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Exhibit G:
When you see a bookstore and start “walking” toward it with your friends, family, etc running after you trying to catch you before yet again you’re lost to the land of fiction:

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Exhibit H:
When your favorite character dies:

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And so on and on…

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(I'm the anon you asked the statutory rape question) I'm not obsessed with Mare getting raped, It's just one of my friends said Victoria supported rape and I asked how and they brought that up. So I asked you since you seem to know this stuff.

I didnt mean to seem mean, if I did come across that way, sorry about that. I think I was just sort of primed by the fact that there are all these questions about rape going around in the fandom right now, and it just seemed like I saw that question, and then minutes later I got your ask in my inbox asking about it. A comedy of errors I suppose. Victoria definitely does not support rape, although statutory rape does seem to fall under the radar in other countries, and as someone kindly pointed out, the Red Queen universe is set in a time with very different laws and social standards, so the whole idea might not exist, or Victoria might not have even thought about the possibility that it could be statutory rape *shrugs*.