Kingkiller theories masterpost

Well I was bored so I decided to make a masterpost with the things I have seen so far. Feel free to add any other links to theories or comments about anything related. 

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“He’s my other half; between us we’d make one marvelous man, except that neither of us can sing. And, Merlin, you know that feeling when you just have to go out and find someone new or the world will die on you?”

Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy (book/movie)/Kingsman AU: Harry Hart is an aesthete, Eggsy Unwin is an athlete. Together, they are Arthur and Excalibur, the true king and his regal sword. But the west has gone so ugly and Britain so brittle.

Harry never meant for Eggsy to get hurt, and Eggsy never meant to hurt Harry. In the end, neither really get what they want.

King of Swords

This is for Light Grey Art Lab’s Tarot, Mystics and the Occult Exhibition! My card was the King of Swords! I’ve been really into tarot stuff recently, and soon (hopefully) I can reveal another tarot-based illustration!

If you’re around when the show opens in October, you should stop by! You can buy prints of all the awesome cards drawn by amazing artists, and I hear tell that there will be decks sold, too!

The original of my ‘King of Swords’ illustration - created for the wonderful 78Tarot project - is now available on the amazing 78Tarot Art Auction! Info and details about the auction and how to bid on the available artwork can be found there: Info about my piece: Title: The King of Sword
Size: 20 cm x 34 cm
Medium: watercolor, ink and gouache on paper
Starting Bid: 70 USD (unframed)
Buy It Now: 190 USD (unframed)
Shipping: Europe - 15 USD via Registered Mail
Outside Europe - 20 USD via International Registered Mail You can bid on it there:

“The climb to the top of the mountain is almost over! When these Tarot cards appear, success is on the way! Download your free copy of my Top 10 Tarot Cards for love, finances, career, life purpose and so much more at It’s my gift to you!” - From


Presenting the Court of Swords in the R.M. Tarot:

King of Swords

He’s always prepared to fight for his kingdom, but only as a last resort. A superb diplomat with a piercing intellect and knowledge of the political game. However, inscrutable. His poker face is like a suit of armor that leads many to questions his motives and intentions.

Queen of Swords

Uh oh, here she comes. Her tough exterior and curt approach leads to her reputation as a “dragon lady.” But she isn’t devoid of love and thoughtfulness. She just don’t suffer a fool and has no time for the frivolous. There’s work to be done and hard decisions to be made. She can’t be everyone’s friend and she’s perfectly fine with that.

Prince of Swords

The so-called big man on campus. His arrogance could be equaled by his sense of entitlement. However, he’s damn good at what he does - he just needs to learn a little humility and that others do not exist solely for his own benefit. Driven, sharp and does whatever it takes to succeed.

Princess of Swords

Her timid nature belies a fierce mind, if it can be focused long enough. She tends to second guess herself and wants to be sure of her choices before acting. Level-headed and reasonable but prone to over-thinking. However, all is not what it seems. She has a rebellious streak that shows itself in some unexpected ways.
King of Swords is up for Preorder!

malik has a dream. ================================ - assassin’s creed I { malik al-sayf, kadar al-sayf, altair ibn-la'ahad } - 8x10.5, 35 pages of b&w comic. - PG? PG13? tw: some blood, one swear word, and dead kadars -AC {c} Ubisoft

Only 40 available /o/

shipping is $2 domestic { canada }, $3 to the US, and $5 international { everywhere else }, payable via paypal.

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