People need to stop with this shit

just making it clear to all those who have started to romanticize the relationship of maven and thomas that maven was fucking 12 (I write 9 before but Victoria aveyard thankfully corrected me) when he was sent to the front while thomas was around 17. Do i need to say anything else? you CAN love your friend. A person should not always be your significant other for you to love them. Get this through your heads! as much as i want more characters with different traits to them sadly this ship just aint real

king arthur doesnt gota learn shit like books n knowledge. kign arhutr gonna be a dunbass that cant spell his own name. cant fuckin read. fuckjn write either. king arthur dont gotta know shit. king arthur gotta sword thats all thats needed. js fuck off and stab a knave if he says u gotta know shit. i aint gotta fuckin do shit. i aint doin shit. im kin g fucking arthur.