“My second undertale oc”

(Eskel is inspired from black butler)

First name: Eskel

Middle name: Owl

Last name: Kindred

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Orientation: Pansexual

Monster: Owl Humanoid (or Owl Harpy)

Personality: Calm,Sadistic at time’s mostly during a fight,loyal,protective,neat freak (mite add more)

Job: Butler to king Asgore and the castle

Like’s: Serving The king,cleaning,cooking,defending/fighting for the castle and the king,doing his job (sorry if the spacing looks werid i tried fixing it and this happend)

Dislike’s: Tainted soul’s,other’s disrespecting the king and the kingdom’s rule’s, anyone bringing harm to the other monster’s and king, dirt,thing’s not in there place and untidy thing’s (he’s basically a neat freak).

Weapon’s: Umbrella gun, Bladed pocket watch chain whip,Clock hand sleeve blade.

Magick: He can make clock hand spear’s appear,and spectral knive’s and manipulate shadow’s but only when neccissary and read other’s soul’s and and see in the dark.

Pacifist Run: In this run he’ll use his magick only and in the act area the choice’s will be.

Ask for tea: if you choose this tea drop’s will appear and one green one will which will restore half of you’re health.

Chat: this will allow you to chat with eskel procceding on with the pacifist fight to get closer to finishing it.

Ask for time: this choice will allow eskel to tell you the time basically

Clean: this choice will have frisk see a stain on there shirt and eskel will clean it. As hankerchief’s will appear and if one appear’s blue that mean’s to not move.

Genocide Run: In this run he’ll use his weapon’s and magick and once his health is half way down a diolauge scene will appear where he say’s “My my you’re a tough stain to wash out of this world…heh..i mite need to use a tougher method to get rid of filth like you.” He then change’s into his Nightmare form and his attack’s will be a bit tricker to dodge and to weaken him faster you’ll have to wait until his chest is ungaurded cause his wing’s will be cloaked around him for a bit which if you hit him whith his wing’s cloaked around him it’ll only do a bit or half of damage to him.

Bio/Backstory: Eskel was homeless as his familey died in the monster and human war. He lives on the street’s Eskel was 17 at the time. Eskel tried to rob a monster but was caught by the guard’s and was taken to asgore. Eskel told him why he did so. The king then offered to give Eskel a job as a butler he was also tought how to use his skill’s to fight in emergency’s. Ever since Eskel has been and still is greatful for Asgore bringing him into his home and giving him a job since Eskel think’s of it as a way to repay asgore for the genorocity Asgore was shown to him.

(I’ll take any idea’s and critique for him if edit is needed for him)