Former Cambodian king dies:  King Norodom Sihanouk, who died Sunday, was an era-defining leader for Southeast Asia. He played a key role in the country’s modernization while retaining its roots, as David Chandler, a commentator on Cambodia, explains: "He brought Cambodia into the world, whereas the French had kept it cocooned and isolated for … 90 years …. But (he) was also … a figure of the old Cambodia.“ While well-regarded, he was overthrown — leading him into exile for decades and setting the stage for the Khmer Rouge movement, which Sihanouk initially aligned himself with in an effort to regain influence, but later moved away from when the true nature of the movement was revealed. While still well-regarded, Sihanouk’s ties to the murderous Khmer Rouge movement damaged his legacy. Sihanouk was 89.


 Episode 3, Day 1, Part 2 of King Sihanouk Funeral…

A somehow subdued ceremony was held in front of the Royal Palace in the afternoon of the 1st of 3 days of ceremonies for the transfer of late King Norodom Sihanouk’s ashes to a stupa inside the Royal Palace compound.

Was it the presence of a delegation of opposition CNRP lawmakers, led by its Vice President Kem Sokha, which triggered a change of announced plans and kept both the Apsara dancers, all readied with  candles, as well as the Queen Mother and her son King Sihamoni inside, behind the gates of the palace?

Besides a few tourists, delighted by the show of colourfull saffran-clad monks in front of the fairy-tale lights of the palace’s walls, there was no public to be seen: a far cry from the throngs of devotees who filled the streets during the previous ceremonies in 2013.


Citizens Pay Respect To The King Father…

The area around the new statue honouring the late King Norodom Sihanouk was finally accessible to the general public so that it could pay respect on the first anniversary the king’s death.

The rain and the barriers being closed again at 5:30PM left quite a few in the cold.

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