King Mo Lawal vs Roger Gracie

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This should be an interesting fight. Roger Gracie (right) is the definition of one-dimensional. He really can’t do anything but BJJ, but he’s really good at that. He’s 4-0 with four submissions. King Mo Lawal is a powerful wrestler that will keep this fight upright if he knows what is good for him. Not sure if Gracie has the skills to take this fight to the ground against such a powerful opponent. 

Round 1-Both fighters feeling each other out without attacking. Fans are booing. Roger throws a knee. He is clearly looking for some sort of takedown. King Mo should really be moving forward. Boring round. 

Lawal throws an overhand right that lands on the side of Gracie’s head behind his left ear. Another shot in the same spot while Gracie is on the ground. Gracie is out, stiff as a board. Hopefully he’ll learn how to box now. 


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