I want to do more BNHA X Homestuck crossovers because its fun-

But sadly I don’t know who could be who- Until now I have:

Dirk as Mei

Gamzee as Shinsou

Eridan as Kaminari-

You can suggest more if you want,,,,,,,- 

((please :’uuuuuuuuuuuuu


if you’re reading The King of the Sun you might have noticed that the latest chapter updated with art! @khemi​ and i have been collaborating on these for a while and we were happy we caught up with this just in time for an important chapter. from now on every chapter will also include one of these!

Oh man, it really sucks to be Karkat. 

The King chess piece may be the most protected and important, but it gets to do jack shit in the grand scheme of things.  Its job is to be protected.  Which isn’t much of a job at all. 

I’ll be very dissatisfied if Karkat’s remaining contribution is now Dreambubble Bullshitting.  It’s all very well and good to be told he has this great burden, blah blah leadership, but if we never see him accomplish anything in the actual game, then Karkat’s been cheated out of the growth that everyone else gets. 

Blood seems like a pretty shitty aspect.  Blood and Doom.  Karkat and Sollux got the short end of the stick, as far as game importance goes.